Friday, July 13, 2012

When Racism is Completely Acceptable?

When people write political commentary on blogs or other social media, it is my experience that it is not — with some exceptions — their goal to expose the truth. Rather, it is their goal to position themselves among their peers on whatever the issue of the day is. The most effective, the most economical way to do that is simply to take the story that's going around — it has already created a marketable audience for itself — and say whether they're in favor of that interpretation or not.
- Julian Assange 

Karen De Coster had some nice words of praise for me recently. Shockingly, Karen is a white person! Heavens! (Yes, I do associate with those too - preferably only intelligent ones)... 

I thought something Karen once wrote would be applicable for the recent spate of people falsely complaining about racism when the problem is actually grammar and loutish behavior.

Karen De Coster

When it is directed toward white people. Or specifically, white running backs.

I found this to be quite an amazing article about Stanford’s superstar running back, Toby Gerhart. All around the NFL people are saying that since Gerhart is not black he is not a worthy draft pick.

“One longtime NFL scout insisted that Gerhart’s skin color will likely prevent the Pac-10’s offensive player of the year from being drafted in Thursday’s first round.”

Since I was once a huge football junkie (I’ve not had the time for that lately), and since I think political correctness is bullshit, I don’t mind saying that I know such stereotypes about white/black players are typically spot-on, or very close to being right. White running backs just don’t make the grade very often, and when they do, it’s with a different style of play. Same as white wide receivers. And white cornerbacks – how many of those are there in the NFL? Was Jason Sehorn, who retired in 2003, the last white cornerback?

If this article was bringing forth similar stereotypes about blacks playing quarterback (or coaching), the fury would erupt, people making the remarks would be forced to make apologies and then be fired, cries of racism would shriek from the masses, a new quota would immediately appear in the NFL, diversity training would be ordered, and the media would have multiple (collective) orgasms over all of the political correctness.

Of course, this is probably too challenging a mind twister for many people (some foreigners  in Japan) to see what the point is here.... If you can't grasp it immediately... Think about it...

Troublesome people, regardless of their skin color, are rightfully refused service.... In Japan or anywhere else - regardless of their skin color!

Meanwhile, in the USA.... While these clowns are complaining about the Japanese wanting to keep people with loutish behavior out of their premises... They say not a peep about things going on in their own backyard. This just in from Karl Denninger:

Oh this is rich...

The BATFE has "updated" the 4473 form.  For those of you who have never bought a gun, a 4473 has to be filled out by anyone who buys one at a store or otherwise from a "FFL" (a licensed dealer.)

Now, suddenly and out of nowhere, there's a Question "10a" on the form where there used to be just a "10" (Race).

And guess what "10a" is?"

Are you "Hispanic or Latino" -- or not.

What does being Hispanic have to do with purchasing a gun? 

So when a restauranteer wants to keep certain people off his private property, that's a no-no! But when the federal government applies institutional discrimination, not a peep (make no mistake about it. This, too, is about property rights)...

Hell, these people will write several long comments on my blog.... Any letters protesting to the US government?

Bet you a half a donut none have been written nor will they be forthcoming.



Anonymous said...

One definition of racism is any view that would attribute common characteristics to people sharing the same skin color and ethnic background.
Under that definition, the statement "Whites make good basketball players'' is racist. Or "Blacks are good dancers."
Another definition of racism is the belief that whites are inherently superior to blacks.
The first definition has very little effect on politics, economics or culture. The second type of racism causes wars, economic deprivation and cultural anorexia.
Real racism, the kind that causes wars and maims cultures, is primarily about power and specifically about a political majority using its political, social and economic power to escape justice after stealing from the minority.
This is why I -- like the vast majority of white trash -- can so easily laugh at white trash jokes. My ancestors were never, ever targeted for genocide or even segregation on the basis of their skin color or economic status.
So there is absolutely rational prospect whatsoever, that denigration of my skin color or the economic status of my ancestors would reflect a historical pattern of attempted genocide and atrocities.
Black people have no such luxury. Denigration of their people can very credibly be linked to one degree or another to a historical pattern of attempted genocide and almost unimaginably horrific atrocities.
The important thing about racism isnt the academic point about skin color not being an accurate predictor of character etc.
The important thing about racism is that it has historical been a vehicle for predation.
If you refuse to understand that, you refuse to understand real racism.

Anonymous said...

sorry for the typos.I am a few beers into Friday night!

mike in tokyo rogers said...

In a world where people judged others by THEIR ACTIONS AND DEEDS, not by their skin color. In my opinion, this whole rigamarole was caused because one establishment tried to kick out people because of their deeds.

Anonymous said...

Why is the US relevant or somehow have anything to do with that racist bar in Shibuya? As far as I could tell it is located in Japan. So you are blamming their racist behavior on the US too?

Anonymous said...

So quick to condemn Americans- always the same lame-ass writing from Mike to generate page views. Stop being so narrow minded. The US isn't perfect, but there is a lot of good things, people, and scripted television programming there. Maybe if you traveled more and stopped watching YouTube all day you'd open your mind a bit.

Anonymous said...

The best thing about the USA (and Canada and any NATO nation for that matter) is how people are so thin-skinned that they are quick to defend a nation of TV couch potatoes who haven't a problem in the world with bombing, invaded, exploiting, and killing and maiming middle easterners 24/7.... Or, even saying nothing about racism in their own country.
This article's comment prove a point. So does the following article about US militarism and the mind set.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

"Why is the US relevant or somehow have anything to do with that racist bar in Shibuya? As far as I could tell it is located in Japan. So you are blamming their racist behavior on the US too?" Yeah... Don't look at the mess in my own house... Let's look at the mess in yours only! FUNNY!

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