Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Malcolm X on the Rights of Man!

Malcolm X was right! He was a total believer in rights of man and Libertarian ideals. Like personal, private property! And fighting criminal injustice (government induced)... And that it is the right of free men to fight these injustices.

Here he is speaking about a basic tenant of Libertarian thought: Private property. The most basic of private property is ownership of yourself. And, if it follows that you own yourself, then you own the rights of owning guns to protect yourself. If you can grasp this basic human right; protection of your own private property, then you can understand why government control of private property is the anti-thesis of a free human society.

"Something about... We're supposed to be organizing some kind of right for the negroes to arm themselves with rifles and shotguns... for self defense... America is based upon the right of people to organize... for self-defense... This is in the constitution of the United States... "

PS: Absentee landlords occurred because of government control over rent and rental business. I may not agree with this solution, but it shows that more government control - and increasing control - continually increases the problems. Government control has caused these problems... To think that more government control will fix it is just plain insane...

Just like Malcolm X says, "The government is responsible for the injustices!"

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Anonymous said...

From Aaron Moser

Absentee landlords occurred because of government control over rent and rental business.

What is wrong with Absentee ownership of property? When you leave your house to go to work you are absent from it. When you leave your chair in your apartment while you are out walking that is being absent from it. Without absentee ownership you would have to have all of your property on you all of the time witch is imposable. I do not see what the big deal is about absentee ownership of property.

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