Saturday, July 21, 2012

Japanese NHK TV News Announcers Mock Obama: Osprey Translates to "Failure" in English and Japanese

One of the really big news stories in Japan today is the story about how the US government is forcing the accident riddled Osprey onto Japanese bases in spite of vehement protests from the Japanese public.

Yomiuri has the story:

The United States has unofficially informed Japan that the first squadron of MV-22 Osprey military transport aircraft will arrive at a base in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture, on Monday, it has been learned.

After transporting the tilt-rotor aircraft to Iwakuni, the United States plans to deploy them at the Marine Corps' Futenma Air Station in Ginowan.

A transport vessel carrying 12 Ospreys left the U.S. West Coast on July 1 and was expected to arrive at Iwakuni air base as early as Tuesday.


After crashes involving Osprey aircraft in April and June, however, the Japanese and U.S. governments have agreed not to allow flights in Japan until the aircraft's safety is confirmed after U.S. investigations of the accidents.

The Japanese public and government are well-aware of the history and accidents involving the Osprey. Regardless, the US government has assured the Japanese that the Osprey is "perfectly safe" and the most safe helicopter type of flying vehicle in the world.

The funny part? In spite of all these announcements from the US military and Obama administration that the Osprey was perfectly safe, NHK TV just announced, at 7:20 am on the national news, that when Obama was asked if he would change from flying in his regular VH-71 Marine Sea King presidential helicopter to the Osprey, Obama said, "No!"

The newscasters (as well as the other 50 million Japanese who saw this news broadcast) mocked Obama for, on the one hand claiming the Osprey is safe, then on the other hand saying that Obama won't fly in one.

Now, that is funny!

Once again America sets a shining example for the world: Don't do what I do, do what I say.

NOTE: I don't have the NHK news report on this that was just aired, if they put it up, I will embed it here. Until then, here's a different news report:


Mr. Blather said...

Wow, please read your own links. There were FOUR accidents before it was operational. Those accidents resulted in 30 fatalities.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Thanks, Mr. Blather. Thinking that a writer who linked a news story doesn't read the story is nonsense. A good editor would realize that: "30 fatal accidents with the Osprey even before it was ever operational in 2007." Was probably menat to say, "30 fatalities in accidents with the Osprey even before it was ever operational in 2007." But thanks for pointing out the obvious to me, even though it may not be obvious to others.

diego.a said...

I thought that was unheard of: Japanese TV news announcers mocking someone publicly. The US Govt must have finally pushed people to the edge for this to happen. On the bright side, at least foreigners are seeing Obama as just another politician (aka George W).

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