Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sexy Japanese Young Women Love Men Who Own Japanese Government Bonds

Thank god for Zerohedge! Just when I'm in a slump and have a problem with a topic, this stuff comes up:

Sexy Japanese Young Women Love Men Who Own Japanese Government Bonds:

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Anonymous said...

SO that's the secret?

If I'd only known.


This blog entry has slightly odd timing for me, I just finished talking to a boomer American woman whom I'd thought I'd convinced in the last year or so to invest and save conservatively (i.e. gold & silver etc...) due to a likely horrible economic future. Today she told me how she's going to Europe next Fall with her long-time girlfriend for several weeks and she doesn't care if she has to go into debt to do it,... because she's always wanted to go and here's her chance and she doesn't want to wait until she's sixty and cannot enjoy it.

I can kind of see that, however....

Then she goes on about how she's upset because a younger relative quit her high paying weekend waitress job, left college, and moved to another state to get a fresh start away from her former boyfriend. The student loan which would have to be paid back, and all that this younger girl "wasted", was making this woman very upset.

I'm debating about telling her the stories are the same, but I'm thinking I'll be wasting my breath, especially after the look I received after I told her college loans are traps.

I wonder how many times those types of scenarios play out each day the world over, thousands? Millions?

All they really need are bonds. Right? Ha.

- IndividualAudienceMember

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