Friday, November 16, 2012

Happily Poisoning Your Dog and Giving Them Cancer

I just came back from the store and was so surprised at what I saw. They were selling "Sports drinks" for people's stupid mutts.

Sports drinks for dogs? You kiddin' me?

Probably the only thing stupider than those dogs are the idiot humans who voluntarily feed their animal these sorts of junk foods.

I'll make it simple: Humans are vegetable and fruits eaters. You can easily discern that fact by looking at our teeth. Dog on the other hand have canine teeth. Meaning they have evolved as flesh eaters... Not just any flesh; raw meat.

Your do needs to eat raw meat to stay healthy. They don't need a balanced diet; they don't need to eat vegetables and they certainly don't need to eat processed food packed with chemicals.

I've even heard of a company in Japan that make fermented bean crackers for dogs as a snack and idiot humans have some sort of weird idea that these things are healthy for dogs.


Yeah, look at how eager this dog is to tear into fermented soybean (Natto) chips! Down boy! Down!

You should try to cut down any and all vegetable and plant matter from your dog's diet as much as possible. That can of "meat by product fortified with 18 different vegetables and minerals is poison for your dog.

In "Processed Foods Cause Obesity and Cancer in Humans - Human Deaths From Cancer are on the Rise Since 1950 - Cats and Dogs Now Eat Processed Foods - Cats and Dogs Now Get Cancer….. Any Questions?" I wrote: 

It isn't a coincidence that as more and more people eat processed foods that more and more people get cancer. Recently, more and more cats and dogs are getting various sicknesses and diseases like cancer

More and more people feed their animals processed foods that are causing these illnesses. I think there is a pretty easy to figure causative correlation going on here, don't you think?

But don't believe what I wrote and linked to. Here's proof that plant material in your dog's diet is very bad for their health. From the Canine Cancer website:

What causes the mutations in the cancer genes? Each day of your dog's life all of the genes of each cell are subjected to a barrage of insults that have the potential to cause a mutation. Toxic chemicals can cause a mutation in DNA. One category of toxic chemicals comes from within the cell. These toxic chemicals are normal products of daily chemical activities within each cell. 

For the most part, cells have developed mechanisms for detoxifying these waste products. However, some of these toxic waste products escape the protective mechanisms of the cell and attack the cell's DNA.

Another category of toxic chemicals are components of the normal diet. Every diet contains plant matter. All plants have developed various chemical mechanisms to evade being eaten by their natural predators: insects, bacteria, fungus and viruses. 

The chemicals that are toxic to the natural predators of plants are also toxic to the living cells of your dog in many instances. Some of these naturally occurring chemicals can cause mutations in the DNA. A third category of toxic chemicals is the man-made chemicals. There is a long list of man-made chemicals that are known to cause mutations in the DNA of cells and result in cancer.

So there you have it. Little Scruffy may love eating potato chips and junk like Natto chips and "Pet Sweat" but it's poison and you shouldn't give it to them...

But, hell, why not, right? Most people feed their kids crap like Twinkies and chips and Coke, so if you give your child's body a "barrage of insults" why not let the dumb dog in on the fun, right? Wrong. Don't feed your dog plant based food and certainly don't give them anything but water (milk when they are little) to drink.

Otherwise you increase their risks of cancer... And you'll see that there's nothing more fun than a puppy with cancer. Cancer is a real barrel of laughs. 


Unknown said...

Just for the sake of business sometimes people tend to forget how bad the effect it could cause. Instead of making a product that can cause cancer to men or animal, why not focus on making cancer alternative treatments.

Anonymous said...

"Humans are vegetable and fruits eaters. You can easily discern that fact by looking at our teeth."

Are you sure?

Might just as well be made to crush grasshoppers and the like.

Don't most People have four fangs in the front? Tiny ones, sure, fangs none the lesx.

- IndividualAudienceMemeber

mike in tokyo rogers said...

For any of you good folks who think humans aren't designed for fruit and vegetable eating, watch this:

hhurvitz said...

I’m curious where you got the information that natto is poisonous to dogs. From a veterinarian? Also I wonder if the Japanese, among who you live, realize that you think they are so stupid. While I agree that processed foods are not good for humans or dogs, natto is minimally processed & the flavor packets are separate. Your delivery is hostile. In my opinion, name-calling & arrogance are not the best way to get most people to see things your way.

hhurvitz said...

Humans, unlike most other species, are designed to survive on whatever food is available. It ensures our existence. And not everyone is privileged enough to refuse whatever is available to them. Get off your high horse.

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