Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yen Devaluation Called for By Financial Houses Now Becoming Japanese Government Plan? 18% Yen Devaluation on the Horizon?

In March of this year, I posted,

Yen Devaluation Now Imminent? Being Called by Major Financials! Get out of debt - Get your financial house in order now!  Whereby I cited and quoted major financials predicting a yen devaluation of up to 40%.

Some readers scoffed.

I doubt they are scoffing now, the predicted soon-to-be new government of Japan not only wants a 18% yen devaluation, they also want interest rates and inflation to go up about 2%.

Please refer to Zerohedge, Is An 18% JPY Devaluation The 'Best-Case' Scenario For Abe's 'New' Japan? In that article it is discussed how the coming government of Shintaro Abe thinks that Japan can return to the "Golden Days" if only they can (artificially) force the yen back down to ¥100 yen to $1 US dollar! Madness! How could destroying the value of the currency return the nation to economic health?

After twenty-plus years of folling around with the economy and propping up failed banks and businesses, haven't these clowns figured out that the more they do the worse it gets? It really astounds me that, in some surveys, it is reported that some of the Japanese public support tax increases! Are these people crazy?

The other day I was at Shibuya station and a minor political party was holding a rally and their main pillar of their policy was "No Tax Increases!"... Yet, there were few people listening and you just know they'll get stomped in the election by the big money parties.

I wrote all about the Zeitgeist of the situation in "Japan is Collapsing" and two subsequent blog posts.

Besides the insanity of thinking that artificially destroying the value of the currency, Abe and his co-horts think that a 2% inflation target would be a good thing.

The Zerohedge article goes on to point out:

Even though the yield on 10-year Japanese Government Bonds (JGB) is only 1 percent, the interest expense is expected to top 22.3 trillion yen in the fiscal year that begins next month. This is one-quarter of the general account budget. If the bond yield rises to 2 percent, the interest expense would surpass the total expected tax revenue of 42.3 trillion yen.

Yup: a mere "surge" in interest rates to a whopping 2.00% will destroy the Japanese economy.

Once again, I warned people to have at least 2 or 3 months of food and water stored (Duh! Japan is an earth-quake prone country anyway). And protect your wealth by accumulating physical assets like precious metals.

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Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder if Japanese farmers will still be paid not to plant rice with a 18 percent rise in food prices.

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