Saturday, December 1, 2012

1st Annual Wal-Mart Auto Show!

One of the things that most impresses a Japanese person upon visiting the USA for the first time is how many junky cars litter Americas roads. You rarely see busted up cars on the roads in Japan because of the law concerning automobile upkeep.

Now to celebrate that wonderful tradition my good friend Phester Swollen sends me his photos from the 1st Annual Wal-Mart Auto Show!

Enjoy! Taste the quality and style!


Anonymous said...

"impresses...Japanese people how many junky cars 'litter' America's roads. Litter is set aside waste that is thrown away. A vehicle is a major purchase and a tool.
When was the last time you saw a candy wrapper drive someone to their employment. Japan is the size of California with approximately 40% of its population jammed up inside. The Japanese government taxes people out of their older cars.

Anonymous said...

Touchy! Touchy! Anonymous is a wee-bit defensive isn't she? "Japan is the size of California with 40% of its population inside"? No. Not true at all. Japan is the size of California with 40% of the entire US population inside. Japan doesn't have junky cars due to Shaken laws - car maintenance rules: (Yes, Darla, they are a form of taxation - just like the USA taxes cars and licenses

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