Monday, December 17, 2012

Sexy Japanese Songstress Gets Rave Reviews on Yahoo!

Wow! I knew blogging was quick and I've beaten regular press many times in the past, but this time I beat Yahoo! by a day (well, 17 hours to be exact) Allow me to, once again, pat myself on the back! ... My blog post was entitled Female Japanese Jazz Musician Breaking into Italy and the West... That was posted at 4:30 am on Dec. 13. Yahoo! Japan comes out with this marvelous article later that day, on the Headlines section no less! This is a Google translation, but you get the idea

Debut party debut in Omotesando Julie, in collaboration Italy Sun

(Julie) was unveiled at a party, Omotesando, Tokyo rookie female singer Julie debut project in collaboration with Japan and Italy.  Born in California in 1984. Longing to glam rock, he grew up watching, such as rock musical "rocky horror picture show" since I was in elementary school. Decisions debut demo tape who sang "All That Jazz" has caught the eye of the participants.

Debut album with "BLACK SUIT & WHITE TIE" in 2012. In the summer of the same year, a joint project of the creators of the original Italian and Japanese producers, a new start shooting short films and music recording of the new EP in Italy. This time, EP album "J" was released in the new December 11.  

Julie the day of the unveiling of the release party was held | packed audience in an effort to catch a glimpse of Julie, the "JAPAN MADE IN ITALY FEATURING JULIE", we show a high degree of attention of the project.  

At the party, we introduce a new approach in the form produced by a team of Japanese and Italian creators of Japan and Italy, Japanese singer debut artists that adorn the first, of this Julie.  

Rather than the concept then was produced greeted by art director working on creative high brand in Europe, the TOP creator "Enrico Ciccu" of Italy, called "PV" traditional idea "Music Short Film", reach more people video and making of the project took the form to, music short film "Johnny Guitar" Track of the EP album "J" is a new shot in Italy will showcase the first time in the whole world, the audience gathered painting uniformly I had been eye-catching finish of highly artistic short films and music-term project.  

And, Julie finally appeared for the fun part. Such as "Johnny Guitar" "Black Sheep" has been included on the EP album "J" new, Julie was greeted with great applause, singing nine songs. Show a great climax, the venue has many guests visiting from abroad, the stage of about 40 minutes was never a big applause and cheers ringing.  Future projects ahead of Julie to Europe and North America, we are disseminating the whole world. Is scheduled to continue to expand the approach to the music industry that was completely different from the conventional in the future. (: Yuki Takeda Editor)

Congrats to Julie, Japan's newest star in Italy!

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