Friday, December 28, 2012

More Free Use Photos From Malaysia

Here's the follow up to yesterday's A Short Photo Visit to Malaysia (and a Chinese Temple). Just more photos that you are welcomed to use as you please...

The ocean view from the west side of Penang Island

ParkRoyal Hotel Penang beachside lounge

In Japan, these chocolate sticks are called "Pocky."

Colorful trinkets at Malaysian street vendor booth

Plastic mini bowls of ramen and Chinese desserts

I saw this on the flight to Malaysia on AirAsia X. The deeeeee-licious combo dinner that includes a Kit Kat chocolate bar and Ribena RTD candy fruit bar.... I don't know about you, but candy bars on a combo tray seem a bit.... Exotic?

Triple bed at ParkRoyal Hotel

ParkRoyal Hotel pool

Malay fisherman

Mainland visible from Penang Island

In the pool at night 

Georgetown newspaper stand and money exchanger

Couple enjoying drinks and conversation at poolside bar

Pool at night 

What's this doing here? Well, OK. I want to make an observation. In Indian society, being skinny is a sign of being poor. That's why all wealthy Indian people are grossly overweight. The average life expectancy for Indian males is 64.1 years. That's a whopping 14 + years less than the obese and overweight Americans.... Yet, still, old habits die hard. The sign of wealth in India is being over weight. That's why you will see couples like this. I took this photo of their wedding photo and was shocked when I saw them in person. A nice couple for sure, but this guy looked to be just about 24 or so and this picture craftily hides his triple chin.... Well, I guess she's happy... She gets his money when he kicks the bucket waay too early. I wonder when Indian society will change, if ever, and the wealthy realize that living long, slim and healthy is happier!

The world famous Penang Sea-cucumber soap. Yep. Made from real sea-cucumbers! Mmmmm- good!

I was a good boy and didn't go here even once when on vacation.

My son drives the rikusha

The next day, we went to the big chain grocery market to see how suburbanites in Malaysia live!

Just like K-mart!

This place had everything! Chicken wings. Chicken legs... Chicken feet!????

Dragon Fruit

Yep. Even in Malaysia!


Andrew Joseph said...

Nice! A side of Malaysia I never saw! Being an Indian male and overweight... I wish it was a sign of affluence. I just eat when I'm down. When I was richer (IE not married), I was lean and fit. Oh well... I still have good hair.

RYO said...

thanks of posting many pics mike-san, I will actually going to Malaysia and visiting Penang as well for few days this winter, and it shows me a glimpse of what will I get there!

Anonymous said...

Andrew Joseph wrote, "When I was richer (IE not married)"

My thought was, dude, you're not doing something right, two Can live cheaper than one.

... But I don't know about your particular situation, and you could be 2x4 or something and I've heard that's expensive.

Somehow, I also envisioned the millions just like what I imagine you are, at the same time.

At any rate, myself, as free as I try to be, I'd substitute the word 'free'er' for the word 'richer' above, any-day.
Fast and Furious, right? (the film, maybe, not the criminals)... 'Red Line' all the way.... ... yesterday?

[Have you ever taken something to the red line?]

The word, 'obligation' comes to mind, but then there's priorities,... who's priorities? The wishes, just as MJ wrote on a prior blog post, then he made a decision. That is key, imho.

Also, I really liked the idea: investments (And Spending!) Must equal savings.

The word 'must' is underlined and bold.

Maybe that helps? ... Not if the chick isn't on-board with it, that's for sure. Right?

Maybe real estate and gold don't count in the investment calculation above?
Dr, North had a bit out about how People are Never debt free,...but I digress mega-ly.

One other thing, if you made it this far, Primal and Paleo diets/lifestyle-changes work, and they are cool, imho.
The raw food diet doesn't seem bad either.

Yeesh, I'm sounding like a TV ad or something, oh well,... don't say no one gave you a heads-up.

And wow is/are those beach and bride photos ever hot.

The world is strange how opposites rule on the opposite sides of the world,... unless of course you're not, and things are the same the world over.

- IndividualAudienceMember

ong khon.seong said...

Can i noe where did u get the sea cucumber soap?thx

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