Saturday, December 15, 2012

I Knew PSY Before He Was Famous!

I'm proud to be a Lew Rockwell (LRC) contributor. I've been doing it now for nearly ten years.

I remember when I first started, I was so proud to have my articles published (I was rejected by other sites dozens of times!)

LRC taught me about politics and the economy. It was so great to meet and read like minded people. They have all taught me a lot.

For that, I thank them all.

I also remember, back in the days when small government and Libertarianism (anti-government, anti-war, pro-free market) was considered a freakish notion by Joe Blow Average. When I told people that I wrote for LRC, if they had heard of it, they'd roll their eyes or say something along the lines of, "Oh? That explains why you are the lunatic fringe".. But after these last ten years of war and bailing out big banks, as well as a crashing and destruction of the Middle Class, people no longer think that way...

If being against foreign wars, bombing and killing innocent children; against bailing out Wall Street and Big banks, against high taxation and intentional destruction of our currency and being for freedom and the rights of man is the lunatic fringe, then I am it.

And damned proud of it!

Writing for LRC allows me to reach millions of people that I could never reach with my blog...

What's the reason for this particular blog post? Well, I wrote an interesting story that mentions Korean Rapper PSY on LRC on Oct 2, 2012 called, "Why Korea Beats Japan" - long before he was even heard of by the western press or the average person... At that time, his video had 90,000,000 views. That is three times the population of South Korea. Now, he nears 1 billion views on Youtube...

That's the most views in Youtube history...

The interesting part is Youtube is an also-ran in Japan, Korea and China.

Oh, the wonderful things you can learn from blogging and LRC.

(Oh and that title; "I Knew PSY Before He Was Famous!"is kind of true. My company did an event that he appeared at in Japan in January of this year (2012).... Like and idiot, I didn't go (lazy!) I didn't meet him but the most famous "talent" at our company, George Williams did. Said PSY was a nice guy too! (I knew I should have gone to that show!!!!!)


Marc Sheffner said...

You wrote: "Youtube is an also-ran in Japan, Korea and China".

What's #1 in Japan, then?

mikeintokyorogers said...

Nici nico Douga