Monday, December 3, 2012

Cool (and Funny) Videos for Christmas (Part 1)

I remember when I was in a punk band in Los Angeles in early 1978. All the guys still had long hair and very few people had even heard of punk music. So of course we never could buy an cool new clothes... We had to make our own or we'd go to the local Good Will store and buy all the clothes the grandmas and grandpas sold.

Me in 1979 with silver hair....

The old folks had the coolest sh*t! They had, by far, the coolest sunglasses too!

Also, I thought it wasn't fair that, while we young people had short hair and colored it purple or silver, everyone though we were freaks but the old people were all walking around with green and blue or purple hair. Heck they still do! No fair!

OK... Well, it's not exactly the Twelve Days of Christmas.... But funny just the same and sure to bring a smile...

*I like the message to this entire production: The collapse of the USA economy. But the more subtle one is a criticism of a consumer society that bases status on how much junk one owns.


Anonymous said...

why would you like to see the collapse of the US economy? Do you understand _anything_ about market economics? If the US (or any major) market collapsed, all markets would collapse. You'd better have a gun on you at that point. Oh, right-- you're in Japan, no weapons allowed.

Good luck with your horde of silver bars-- they'll be pointless.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks. I should have stated more clearly. When I said I liked the message in the song, what I meant was that I liked the message in that musicians are now starting to understand that an economy based on debt based consumerism and spending is not an economy at all. And, yes, I do understand how an economy works.
As far as the US Economy or any major economy collapsing and, in turn, that collapse causing a world collapse, I think that is propaganda purported by the status quo (hence your current system of kicking the can down the road and tax payer bail-outs of the banking system). May I ask, Do you have any idea of how a TRUE market based economy is supposed to work? We certainly don't have one now (if we ever did). If the current system collapses, it will be difficult for a time, but the debt will be cleared, the factories and people are still there; we will recover… Or do you think that this current situation of building up more and more debt on top of past debt is a good idea? Why throw good money after bad? The collapse is the re-set (that is coming anyway) and is sorely needed... Look at Iceland for an example of why and how a collapse is sometimes necessary in a free economy. Also, it's not what I meant, but while we're on the subject, a US collapse would be a wonderful thing in many ways (for the American people too); no more US imperialism and empire; no more borrowing from Japan and China to finance wars (to be paid back by your kids and grandkids and their kids); a collapse of the US political system...A possible complete collapse of the US federal government that enslaves its own people (NDAA, Homeland Security, police brutality, extraordinary rendition, Assassinations of US citizens, TSA, etc., etc., Now, what was the downside to the collapse of the USA again? (

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