Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Visit to Malaysia (and a Chinese Temple) Free Photos

I took the family to Malaysia for eight days stay the other day. It was very nice. I highly recommend visiting Malaysia.

Here are a bunch of photos from the trip. As always, you are free to use any of these photos as you see fit. I took these photos and own the copyright. You can use them as you wish. No payments or royalties will be asked.

We flew to Malaysia on Air Asia X. It was very good. No complaints. About $1000 USD round trip for three people!? Wow! How can anyone complain about a price that low? Plus the service was great and the food really good!

I think Air Asia X may be a Low Cost Carrier but their service and quality is definitely classy!

Now, off to Malaysia we go! Please click the Youtube video and enjoy the background music!

Malaysia is a Melting Pot country. There are people from many countries living there and they live in peace. I was told the country is 35% Muslims, 35% Buddhists and 10% Christians and the rest a hodge-podge of other religions... Crime is low and it is a very free country. I didn't get grief from customs or immigration and they greeted us as we are: guests and visitors coming to spend money on a holiday...

 While there, we visited the oldest and most famous Chinese temple in Penang as well as walked around Georgetown. Here's a bunch of photos... I don't suppose that I could add anything more than the stories the photos tell...

Typical street-stand store in Malaysia

The various people's live together in peace. I interviewed over a dozen Muslim women (from Malaysia and Arabic countries) about the situation and to find out of the story we're told in the west is true. The local Malaysian followers of Islam told me that in Malaysia all cultures and religions are taught tolerance towards each other and many different religions attend the same schools as children. That goes to teach them that people are all the same; they all want food, a place to live, security and a happy family... I also asked about their clothing and fashions as, when I saw them up close, I could see that they all wore lots of eyeliner and expensive facial makeup. They all told me that it was how they wanted to dress and felt comfortable. Though there were some women who wore western clothes, they weren't devout followers (just like we have people in the west who aren't hard-core followers of their religion). Two girls told me that they even know some who drink alcohol. 

I asked them if they'd ever drank alcohol and they said "No! They didn't want to." One girl smiled and acted like she had drank it before but she didn't like it. Hell, I guess it's like any drugs anywhere, even the USA, if you are the only one taking the chemical, it's usually not any fun.

The fashion the girls wore in the pool reminded me of the fashions western women wore to the beach up until the 1930s or so. I guess that's fine. We are talking about cultures that are 3,000 years old (older?) 

And, yes, even in an Islamic country, discrimination occurs... No problem, though. This is a sign in front of a private gambling club. If they don't want kids and muslims inside, it's their property. They can do as they please.

Even Islamic women need their designer makeup... And, yes, they do wear lots of makeup under those veils... (I saw their eyes from behind the veils and they, indeed, wore much make-up, beautifully!) 

The outdoor food bazaar at Long Beach Cafe in Penang

Malaysia has Rikusha too!

Downtown Georgetown

Front of the temple

Intricate wall carvings everywhere!

I understand that the very first Buddhist priest in Malaysia came from China and had this temple built centuries ago

Tomorrow I will photo dump a bunch more pictures from Malaysia!

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Anonymous said...

It's not actually discrimination, Muslims are not allowed to gamble. it's part of our religion:

{They ask you (O Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم) concerning alcoholic drink and gambling. Say: "In them is a great sin, and (some) benefit for men, but the sin of them is greater than their benefit."} (al-Qur'aan; 2.219)

So therefore, in truth, they are just reminding us of our obligations towards the One Creator - Allaah. I don't see it as disrespectful in the least.

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