Japan's Very Sexy Toilet Paper

Sometimes even Japan surprises me. Now, a company in Japan is selling toilet paper that has naked girls and sexy scenes on toilet paper!

From Japanator:

Those looking for a sexy way to go to the bathroom - wait, let me start over. Those looking for a premium erotic experience on the toilet - hm, that sounds iffy too. There's no good way to lead into this news, so I'll just say it. Toranonana has made some toilet paper with sexy girls on the sheets. The Ero Boin toilet paper displays girls from the Happoubijin Boin series. The toilet paper costs ¥450 for one roll, which is definitely a premium over cheaper toilet paper.

This all sounds good, but are they soft enough for my tender tushy and do they come in nice smelling Lilac and Lavender?

I mean, I have a discerning... er, rear, er, "policy" 


Andy "In Japan" said…
Mr. Whipple could get charged with some sort of crime, or hired by the TSA if he ever got his hands on this item.
Anonymous said…
Ha! Yeah, "Don't squueze the Charmin!"
Elizabeth Marks said…
I must use that in my bathroom this summer (when I'll be in Tokyo). I mean, what could be more charming? ;)

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