Saturday, January 15, 2011

Genius Blogs and Get's 100's of Volunteers, Lawyers & Web Designers in 5 Days!

I've written before that I look up to Mish Shedlock as an inspiration as to how to write and run a no-frills but incredibly interesting blog. I sincerely think that anyone who is interested in blogging needs to check out his site. I think, Mish's Global Economic Analysis is one of the best 3 sites on the Internet! 

(Updates below) 

Currently, Mish is running a campaign, looking for volunteers, and he's gotten 100's of them in only a few days! That's astounding! 

Mish has been writing and blogging for years and he often updates his blog 3 times a day!  (I've done that, as a test, for 3 months straight in 2010 and let me tell you that that is a tough job!)

Mish does it consistently everyday and has been doing it for years. It is this kind of dedication that has built him a massive following. I bet he doesn't realize it, but he is an Internet marketing genius.

In a recent blog, Mish asked for volunteers to help him recall the governor of Illinois! No joke. Talk about taking on an almost impossible task! 

Yeah, well, maybe almost impossible, but if anyone could pull this off, it is Mish Shedlock.  

Mish is so dedicated and so well respected that when blogged about this campaign and asked for volunteers in only 5 short days he has gotten hundreds of volunteers. He has even gotten lawyers to volunteer!!! Now, that is amazing! I thought lawyers were cold-blooded sharks who only cared about cash in hand!

Last Sunday Mish wrote

I have exciting news this morning. I am launching a campaign to recall Illinois governor Pat Quinn.
This is not a frivolous effort. It is a serious undertaking and one in which I intend to see to the end. It will take hard work and lots of volunteers but we will be successful.

I need volunteers to ...
  • Gather signatures
  • Talk to state legislative representatives to get them on board
  • Provide legal help
  • Design a website
  • Help with advertising

I will pay for website hosting and domain names.

We need to be successful because Governor Quinn has plans that will destroy Illinois.
Will You Stand Up To The Injustice?

There are many tasks to be performed and I will need volunteers from every county to gather signatures. I estimate we need about 520,000 signatures. My goal is to get 700,000.

If you can volunteer, time, web design, advertising, legal help, or any kind of general assistance, I would appreciate it.

The campaign seems to me to be doing fabulously. Today Mish added:

I wrote the above call to action post on Sunday. Since then I have had over 100 volunteers including 10 web designers, a lawyer, and numerous business owners. Work on a website is underway. I have secured the appropriate domain names. One business owner who employs about 100 people graciously volunteered services of his legal department.

Like I said, Mish is an expert at this. Not only is he an economic genius, he is a wizard at using the new media to get his message out. The proof is in the pudding. 

Of course, any good blogger needs good topics and Mish finds them all the time. This current campaign to recall the governor of Illinois is Mish's idea, but the absurd actions of the governor himself give a fertile mind like Mish's ton's of great ideas.

Get this: The governor of Illinois wants to raise personal income taxes 67%!

In Mish's own words; Tax insanity in Illinois is now official. Governor Pat Quinn signed off on a 67% hike in personal income taxes and a 46% hike in corporate taxes the moment the bill hit his desk.

Now Mish is working to recall the governor! 

Unnamed Illinois businessman's reaction to Gov. Pat Quinn's 
plan to raise personal income taxes by 67% 
and corporate taxes by 46%

I know this is serious business but I couldn't help laughing at the extreme stupidity of the governor of Illinois. If you are from Illinois, or live there currently, you won't find this funny at all... If you are in another state or country and watching this insanity from afar, then this is spectacularly hilarious! 

Mr. Governor, all I can say is that when the Japanese are laughing at you (unless you are a Hollywood stand-up comedian) then you have problems... Usually jokes don't translate well into other languages, but you are a joke that will be understood the world over! 

Read Mish's take on this tax hike here.

Thank God there's people like Mish running around! Go get 'em Mish. See more on Mish's campaign here! Volunteer if you can!

Update 1: I wrote this blog 12 hours ago. In the meantime, Mish has now gotten over 200 volunteers! 

Update 2: This message was sent to me by Mish himself:

Eddie & JoBo Show - WLS 890 - 8:05 PM Saturday - I 'm on Discussing Governor Quinn Recall


I received an email moments ago from Eddie Volkman at WLS AM 890 Chicago asking me to be on for a live 18-20 minute segment tonight. The discussion will be on Governor Quinn, the tax hikes, how those tax hikes will impact the state of Illinois, and what we can do about it.
Hey Mike...

I'm Eddie Volkman from "The Eddie & JoBo Show" now on WLS-AM, 7-9pm Saturdays. Wondering if we could get you on with us to talk about your Quinn recall. The whole tax thing is obviously a huge topic right now and listeners are fuming. We'll be talking about it in the 7 o'clock hour tonight. Sorry for short notice but I came across your blog and it's quite intriguing! Thanks!

Eddie Volkman
Click here to listen live

Call in 312-591-8900
Or text "WLSAM" to 68683
or tweet to @wlsam890

Tune in, it should be fun.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock 

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