Saturday, January 29, 2011

McDonald's McDelivery Service Starts in McTokyo w/McPhotos

Hey! Lucky you! You are going to get to see something today that few people have ever seen before! You are going to see what McDonald's delivery motorcycles look like in Japan.

Well, I think it sounds like a bad McIdea, but they've really started; McDonald's really has started home delivery service in Tokyo.

McDelivery McLogo

I think this is a bad idea because if you've ever tasted McDonald's french fries when they were a bit cold, then you know what I mean; McAwful.

I can understand delivery pizza as pizza is still OK if it's not piping hot. Heck, pizza is good cold. I eat it sometimes straight out of the refrigerator. But cold McDonald's? Hmmm?

And, another question, if my pizza is more than 30 minutes late, Domino's gives me ¥500 (about $6 USD) off my next order. If my McDonald's order is more than 30 minutes late it must surely be cold and the fries will taste like plastic. Will they give me a discount for my next order? 

A pizza delivery costs at least ¥2500 (about $30 USD)... Does McDonald's deliver on a ¥550 (about $6 USD) Big Mac set? 

If my order is late, do I get discount coupons on my next order? How can they make money on a $5 ~ $6 order? What's up with that?

McDelivery McBike with McBad McDesign 
(I McThink the McBikes should have been McWhite, McRed, & McYellow.
This looks like a Pizza Hut delivery bike!)   

Also, when I order delivery pizza, I don't usually order drinks... But McDonald's? What are they going to do in the summer with milk shakes and stuff?

Anyway, I can't imagine that this is going to go well. As I blogged before, hamburgers are supposed to be quick convenience food. I think it defeats the purpose if I have to wait 30 minutes for a delivery.

Front of McBike with McLogo... Looks like Batman's motorcycle

I think this service will not be successful... But what do I know? There's lots of people out there who haven't seen "Super-Size Me" so maybe this will take off in Japan.

Only time will tell.  


Anonymous said...

Now I'm hungry...

Ira Hata said...

Micky D is offering the same service (and heavily advertising it on TV) in Indonesia and Thailand. It seems to be doing well in those countries.

You never know...


Tam said...

Do you know the name of the bike like Honda 343 or something?

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