Sunday, January 2, 2011

China Beats Japan.... Again! Breast Enlargement for the Masses!

Well, the new year just started and China comes out with a device that is light years ahead of japan: It's a breast enlargement device that makes women's breasts larger through jiggling them.

Japan lags behind with old technology

OK. Don't believe me. Here's the video from Topless Robot:

The comments from Topless Robot are priceless:

Normally it's Japan that leads the world in breast technology, but China has taken a major leap forward, and the day is slow enough that I thought that I could recognize their achievement. Behold the Top Charming Breast Stimulator, which is a device women can put into their bras or bikini tops that gently shakes the breasts until... well, until they get bigger.

In case this is somehow a difficult concept to grasp, the video demonstration is a full five minutes long, just to make sure you get it. Yep. Five full minutes of jiggling boobs. It's science!

2011's 1st gratuitous cheesecake photo on this blog 

The readers even get in in the act with some great comments too!

Would I sound like a pig if I said all hot girls ages 18-36 should be mandated by law to wear these all the time? Now, I'm no chauvinist, I don't care about makig breasts grow larger per se (although that is a nice side effect), I just like to watch 'em jiggle!

*Yeah fairly certain that does make you sound like a pig. I'm now grossed out and leaving the internet for the rest of the day. thanks.

If just shaking something made it larger, every guy would have a 6 foot penis.

Oh, I thought you said SIMULATOR. That would obviously infringe several Japanese patents. But stimulators...well, I can see the Chinese taking the lead there.

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