Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More on Ayumi Hamasaki Getting Married to the Big Lebowski

Now, I figured it out. It makes sense! Ayumi Hamasaki has actually married the Dude from the Big Lebowski!

The humorous article about Ayumi Hamasaki getting married to that guy Manny Schwartz, who is described as an "actor" in his bio got me many funny comments.


Manny & Ayu

See? I told you she married the Dude!

I did some more research, and thanks to friends, I have found out more about Manny Schwartz's illustrious career as an "actor."

First of all, the only thing Manny has acted in was a music video by Ayumi Hamasaki - funny that -whereby Manny plays the part of her husband.

He has also appeared in a jeans advertisement twice over the last three years.

Not a very storied career!

What a loser! Look at what his FB name is: Manny69!

My source is a very-well connected Japanese writer who wishes to remain anonymous... She added that, "Getting married to Mr. Schwartz is just something that Ayumi Hamasaki is doing now as it interests her. Once she loses interest, she'll toss him away.... It's what narcissist Japanese actresses do.... Don't you remember Jeff and Seiko Matsuda?"

That's right! I remember that now.... So, in all actuality, this was a shrewd career move by Manny! Er, I mean, the Dude!

Expect to see him on extend his career on Japanese TV... That is, if he can learn the language better than Arnold Schwartzneggar can speak English! Or is this really a publicity stunt?

Damn! I knew I should have stuck with my acting career!


Ira Hata said...

The dude's cousin is now trying to defend him on Facebook, Mike.

By the way, there's trend towards super low-cost commercials that use no name actors and actresses in the US. Very creative ads and quite impressive but the emphasis is on low-cost. The dude was one of those low cost talents used in the jeans commercial. No big deal.

Don't be surprised if his cousin gets a gig as the dude's manager in Japan...


Anonymous said...

This is funny!

Anonymous said...

I agree about ayu losing interest in him sooner or later. I read somewhere they got married in LAS VEGAS! how long can that last?

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