Thursday, January 13, 2011

Japan to Hold Military Exercises w/ USA in East China Sea!!!??

The Ministry of Defense in Japan suddenly announced that the Japanese military and the USA will hold military exercises in the East China Sea four days from now on Monday 1/17/11. Now, you know that these things are planned way in advance so I believe this is a calculated ploy to further antagonize our Eastern neighbors.

These come just after China protested vehemently about US carriers in the seas between the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea along with US/South Korean live fire military drills in the Yellow Sea within sight of North Korea!

How wonderful! The Japanese navy once again has warships in the East China Sea for the first time since 1945. The Japanese military claim that the exercises are "West" of Kyushu, but  west of Kyushu is South Korea and the Yellow Sea....

You just know that these clowns are going to get as close to the Yellow Sea as possible... Heck, they'll probably send planes over the Yellow Sea "as a precaution."

I'm sure this is going to piss off the Chinese and the North Koreans mightily. Why doesn't Japan reinstate the Nishoka and start blaring "Banzai" out of the loudspeakers on the ships to get better cinematic effect.

Nishoka. I'm sure this holds fond memories for the Chinese and Koreans!

Why does the USA do this? Why do they antagonize people constantly? Why is Japan getting involved with this? What kind of an idiot in the Japanese government would approve of military maneuvers outside of Japanese territorial waters using Japan's supposed "Self-Defence Force"? Are we defending Japanese territory in other nation's territorial waters?

This is madness.

Just a few weeks ago North and South Korea seemed to have been on the brink of war. China was very upset that US warships were streaming along the East China Sea within sight of China. Then, after things cooled down a bit, North Korea asked for unconditional talks. What a relief!... Well, you'd think so, except South Korea rejected talks under any condition. 

Gee, is someone pushing for war?

I won't go into how ballistic the USA would go if, say, Chinese ships sailed off San Diego within sight of US territory. Here's an excellent commentary about that by Eric Margolis here.

"West of Kyushu" is Korea. I'm sure the South Korean public finds this news enjoyable too!

But, after it seemed we dodged a bullet and avoided a war on the Korean peninsula, here's the USA ratcheting up tensions again and the idiot Japanese government is now getting involved. Talk about just plain stupidity and another huge drain on the economy.

On top of that, not one single English news Internet or print publication has reported this news. Japan Today and News on Japan along with Japan Times are useless. They are not doing their job.

I run a blog about marketing and I'm the first one to report this to the English speakers in Japan? Lame!

Global Research reports:

Tokyo: The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force will hold drills in the East China Sea involving U.S. warships on Monday, the Japanese Defense Ministry said.

The USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70), a U.S. Navy Nimitz class supercarrier capable of carrying 90 fighter jets and helicopters, and U.S. destroyers will participate in the exercises, to be held to the west of the Kyushu island, the ministry said.

Japan's NHK TV channel has said the drills are aimed at deterring possible naval operations by North Korea and China.

Only two things I can say; This aggressive military posture is going to get us into a war that we do not need. And why isn't the English media in this country doing their job and reporting this crime?

We are being lead into disaster by militarists and a useless and docile media that no longer bothers to report what's going on.... Some stupid Japanese pop star marries an actor? Sure. Japan Today is all over that. Huge military drills off Korea and China? Yeah, we all gave up on Japan Times long ago... But, where is News on Japan or Japan Today now? Nowhere to be seen.


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Anonymous said...

They are just getting ready for anything bad coming their way, wouldnt you? And Im sure its not just USA and Japan, South Korea is involved too. Let the professionals do their job and STFU!!

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