Sunday, January 30, 2011

CNN Chimes In: Japan Downgrade Beginning of the End?

Well, it might take ten minutes, but even a dinosaur - with a brain the size of a peanut - will notice it sooner or later when he gets hit in the head with a rock.

Don't be a dinosaur. Japan's debt explosion is now coming at a torrid pace and there's nothing to stop it. The recent downgrade of Japan's credit status just added - magically with the stroke of a pen - tens of millions of dollars to Japan's debt burden. The situation is past critical.

These warnings have been coming for a while now. Recently they have been coming at a faster and faster pace. Do not get caught off guard.

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I blogged before that this year, 2011, is going to be a crucial year for the world's economies and a very critical year for Japan. Read about the debt bomb that is about to explode here; See information as to how Japan's gross debt is over 230% of GDP here; Read a comparison as to which is worse off, the USA or Japan here; and Read about how 2011 is the year Japan either defaults or gets high inflation here.

There are many more like articles if you just go to this blog's search engine and search "debt."

Now, like I said, even a dinosaur news service like CNN is starting to ask questions:

The timing of the downgrade of Japan's sovereign bonds by Standard & Poor's on Thursday came as a bit of a surprise to some. 

If you have been reading this blog then this downgrade wouldn't have surprised you a bit.

The article continues:

The timing of the downgrade of Japan's sovereign bonds by Standard & Poor's on Thursday came as a bit of a surprise to some. After all, Japanese government bond yields have been relatively stable recently, the yen fairly strong, and, as Citigroup points out, the government has vowed to address its sky-high debt load this year. But S&P isn't convinced that's going to happen. "The downgrade reflects our appraisal that Japan's government debt ratios--already among the highest for rated sovereigns--will continue to rise further than we envisaged before the global economic recession hit the country and will peak only in the mid-2020s."

Living in Japan? Are you prepared with food and water? Do you own gold or silver?

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Ira Hata said...

I'm leaving the country. On top of everything you state above, there's a fat-ass maniac just across the Sea of Japan, getting ready to go to war.

If you own gold or silver, better quietly move it out of the country. The airport won't let you bring large amounts out of the country at the last minute...


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