Sunday, January 9, 2011

Here Japanese Government: A Painless Way to Cut Spending

I often complain about the government. I consistently complain about government debt and how the government's only answer to budget deficits is to raise taxes.

We absolutely do not need more taxes. What we need is a smaller government and for government to "Do no harm."

Sometimes you'll meet mini-anarchists who say that they are against the government but they still think we need the government for things like traffic control garbage collection, etc.

Rubbish! (Pun intended!) First off, the government doesn't collect our rubbish anyway - private firms do... And I have something to show you to consider about other areas where the government can be cut.

Watch the video below. Is is about a city in England that turned off the traffic signals as an experiment... They have decided that they will not turn them on again.

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Anonymous said...

What happens when there's an accident?

Anonymous said...

I grew up in a small town - but we still had roads, intersections, etc... But no traffic signals. Fortunately, when you learn to drive, their are still rules of the road to learn to follow - e.g., when to stop, when to yield, who goes first at an intersection with no lights, etc...

If you have license, you learned these. You do not need traffic signals to prove fault and liability in an accident.

mikeintokyorogers said...

Dear Anonymous... What happens if there's an accident? That's what we have car insurance for.

Consider what you just wrote. Do you think the existence of traffic lights prevents accidents?

It's the same with seat belts, helmets, etc. The government makes these asinine laws (as a tax revenue) but they prevent no accidents. For example, with seat belts, everyone knows that seat belts can help you from injury if there is an accident... So if the driver elects not to wear one - of he wants to be stupid - then, that is his choice. The government cannot prevent stupidity.

But once again that's what we have car insurance for...

Anonymous said...

In most countries traffic signals are set to hold traffic up - This creates more revenue for the Government as fuel tax increases the more time we spend on the road. We absolutely need to follow the lead of this town in England - Make people responsible for there actions not by enforcement but by human nature!