Monday, January 17, 2011

China to Send Troops to North Korea

Well, what did I tell you? The United States and South Korea have been playing with fire and antagonizing North Korea and getting us very close to a war. From today, the idiots who run the Japanese government will start military exercises with the United States in the East China Sea.

I've written many times that these military maneuvers can lead to no good outcome.

One might remember that, even though North Korea was making very bellicose comments about the maneuvers, they suddenly seemed to back down and went silent.

Well, now we know. It seems that the Chinese and the North Koreans have outflanked the USA (and South Korea and Japan) once again.

It has now been reported that China and North Korea are discussing the deployment of Chinese troops in North Korea for the first time in over 20 years. The report from Press TV:

China and North Korea are reportedly discussing details of a plan allowing Chinese army forces to be deployed in the communist country for the first time in about two decades.
Citing an anonymous official at the presidential Blue House, the South Korean Chosun Ilbonewspaper reported on Saturday that the troops “would protect Chinese port facilities” in the Rason special economic zone near the Sea of Japan (East Sea).
“North Korea and China have discussed the issue of stationing a small number of Chinese troops to protect China-invested port facilities,” the unnamed official told the newspaper.
“The presence of Chinese troops is apparently to guard facilities and protect Chinese nationals,” the official added.

US imperialist military fools! Now, do you think you can be whacking the North Korean hornet's nest without getting very severely stung?

The USA must stop antagonizing North Korea!

USA out of Japan. USA out of South Korea. USA out of Asia.    

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you are a fool if you want the USA out of your area.... the Chinese will eat you and Japan for breakfast if the USA were to abandon your area.

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