McDonald's Selling Big America Burgers Again & Other Funny Stuff

Well, I don't eat this stuff, but the kids and the Japanese sure seem to like it. Please refer to "Obesity in Japan on the rise." Now, McDonald's has yet another gimmick to sell junk food....

From Inventor Spot:

So nice, they had to eat 'em twice! McDonald's Japan has announced a new quartet of “Big America” burgers that supposedly capture the tastes of Texas, Idaho, Miami and Manhattan. 

Well, being born and raised an American, I can attest that I have no idea what they are talking about. As far as I know, all across the United States, a hamburger is a hamburger... There's no such thing as a Texas or Manhattan Burger... Oh sure, restaurants might have their specialty, but as far as a standard, say, Texas Burger, nope. Never heard of it. 

A press conference held at McDonalds Japan's Studio M in Tokyo grandly announced the fast food giant's Big America 2 campaign for 2011. Leading off with theTexas Burger 2, a total of four different diner-style burgers evoking unique American regions will appear on store menus over the first quarter of 2011.

Big Mac masquerading as being from a particular place in America

The quirky quartet follows on last year's very successful Big America campaign that saw Japanese customers eagerly chow down on gourmet burgers evoking the tastes of Texas, New York, California and Hawaii.

Uh, "gourmet burgers"!? I think this is the first time in my life that I have ever heard anyone refer to a McDonald's product as "gourmet." And, come on... It's all a marketing gimmick.... I mean, Hawaii burgers!? Are you kidding me?

On that humorous note, here is a video that I was lead to by Lew It talks about McDonald's.... It also talks about government interfering with private business practices... Something we do not need.


The Daily Show With Jon Stewart


Anonymous said…
Actually, Hawaii is the one state I would give you if you tried to make a cheap local taste burger. There's a ubiquitous Hawaiian fast food item called loco moco, consisting of rice, hamburger patties, eggs, and gravy.

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