Windows and Mac Users! Google Has Been Illegally Tracking Your Every Move!

Talk about dedicated servers and disappointed clients...

Google made a HUGE mistake recently...

Last Friday, Wall Street Journal broke the story that Google somehow figured out a way to crack Safari's security settings and has been tracking users (that’s people like you and me) by stealth for more than 6 months. This means they have been following us and spying on what web pages we visit and what products we buy - as well as possibly seeing other private information such as credit cards numbers, etc...
To counteract this for Explorer and Windows users, Microsoft has made a tracking protection list. Check it out:

Below you can see a screen capture of Pageviews by Operating Systems of people who visit this blog. This security breech shows that Google has been spying on approximately 87% of all Internet users!

The browser wars and security and privacy wars are heating up... If users start to implement the Microsoft tracking protection list, Google Adsense is dead.

I hope it is dead. Google already pries into our private information too much. This shouldn't be allowed or tolerated by users...

Really, Google just changed their privacy policy and now they've broken it - already?! 

(PS: I do not allow Google Adsense on the blog) 

Big thanks to the Market Ticker


Anonymous said…
No privacy anymorr!
Boo said…
Perhaps you don't allow Adsense on your site, but know that when people make a comment to your blog (which is handled by blogger), that comes with a Google request, in which your IP, contents of the comment, and several other pertinent pieces of info are taken. And if you're logged in to Gmail or any Google service, this is matched to your real name in realtime.
Same strategy with FB, Twitter, Yahoo, the rest of the team.

I don't know why this surprises anyone: you are their product, not their customer.
Thanks Boo!
Good point!
diego.a said…
If they are doing this during their profitable years, who knows what they will do when their growth/stock stagnates and the execs get desperate.

Did you check out the Youtube article on

"So too, YouTube benefited from click fraud by showing huge numbers that discouraged competitors and attracted advertisers, even though advertisers were actually getting less for their money."
Anonymous said…
Boo wrote, "when people make a comment to your blog (which is handled by blogger), that comes with a Google request"

I wonder, what does that mean, "comes with a Google request"?

- clark
boo said…
Clark, I don't know the details, and I don't have time to do an analysis, but I block all tracking requests from Google, and one gets blocked every time I load the comment page.
Anonymous said…
Why has the internet been promoted so heavily by the powerful for so long? A look at what Julian Assange said about the internet may be in order.

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