Monday, April 25, 2011

Buy Silver at $1 Dollar Over Spot But Do it RIGHT NOW!


Perth Mint Australia is still selling 1 ounce silver Koalas at $1.13 (USD) over spot! Their web page is f*cked up! 
PERTH MINT lists the price of one ounce Koalas at $46.82 (AUD). $46.82 (AUD) is about $50 (USD). But the big point here is not the current price, it is the fact that at $46.82 is merely $1.13 over spot. Many reputable places are charging $4.50 ~ $5.65 over spot.
Hollies - King Midas in Reverse
If you are going to buy, then get on it now. They will block this price immediately in the morning: Click here: and go to: 2011 AUSTRALIAN KOALA 1OZ SILVER COIN 

Most reputable places are selling at $3.50 ~ $4.65 over spot price. Buy it now... Or, hell, I don't care if you buy or not. I've been telling people to buy silver since it was $9.40 and ounce 2.5 years ago. Now it is almost $50.00 an ounce. If you won't buy it now, then NO ONE CAN HELP YOU!!!!

PS: BIDBULLION IS A SCAM! Unfortunately even Max Keiser is f*cked up sometimes (actually almost every night from drinking too much). Think about it... Where can you buy 1 ounce silver rounds for $0.37??? 

UPDATE: As I predicted last night. Perth Mint found this error and cancelled all online sales of this coin early this am. Nevermind.


Anonymous said...

I love Max Keiser, but hate it when he gets on about global warming and his drunken rants about whatever the Fuck it is he's carrying on about. Drunken assed American idiot. Global Warming Yadda yadda yadda!

Anonymous said...

Is that big koala (on the coin) doing jiggy jig with the little koala (errhm on the coin), or is it a trick of the light/dirty mind?


Andy "In Japan" said...

Thanks Mike...I bought as you suggested and jinxed you. The price today has fallen back a lot, but it was still a good price..a very low premium over spot for a silver coin.

Anonymous said...

That's what I get for skipping your site one night.

At the same time, Jim Roger's saying he will sell if it goes much higher concerns me.

James Brickman said...

The graph which is shown over here is giving lot of details. Such that every one can easily interpret the information from this given graph. Therefore you are giving the best option to buy the silver now.

Anonymous said...

Damnit! Lat night was a drinking party at work and I missed it. The story of my life!!! Shit!

Nancy Tandblekning said...

There is no doubt such that the rate of the gold and the silver are getting higher and higher. Which we can easily interpret from the information given. As the chart is indicating whole of the information. Therefore we must buy them now and that would be best option.

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