Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yomiuri Giants Fire Flyjin Pitcher

Want to know what the Japanese think about the foreigners who left?

The Flyjin controversy is getting hotter and hotter amongst the foreign circles in Japan. Weird, but these people should wake up and figure out that it doesn't matter what the foreigners think - it only matters what the Japanese think. (But, then again, the amount of panic was in inverse proportion to their Japanese ability, so I guess they care about the foreigners as most of them live a life shelled inside a foreigner community bubble in Tokyo). 

You know, this issue would probably die down if these dumb foreigners who split would just wise up and take my advice:

1) Be humble, bow their heads profusely and say "Sorry!" repeatedly - quietly in private to  those they betrayed.
2) Quit making excuses. No one wants to hear your lame excuses. Do you want to hear excuses when those around you screw up? No!
3) Shut your mouths and don't talk back and make excuses when you do apologize. There is a word for talking back when you are being reprimanded and it is "iikaeshi" (言い返し) - don't do it. Shut your mouths and say "Sorry!" ("Sumimasen. Moshiwake arimasen!" is preferrable).*

I am sick of this subject and am really sick of people attacking me for telling you what was going to happen, before it happened; also while it happened; and after it happened (like I am doing now). The Japanese don't like what you guys did and you destroyed a ton of trust and probably can't recover that. 

It's ugly but it's a fact. Get mad at me for telling you that all you want, but it won't change the reality. Here's more proof of what the Japanese think about Flyjin: 



Translation: It was announced on April 2, 2011 that Yomiuri Giants pitcher Brian Bannister (30-years-old) was released on March 15. Since the Giants have no intention of returning him to Japan, Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) commissioner Ryozo Kato (69-years-old) has accepted the application.

March 15, after the earthquake, Bannister returned to the United States without permission of the Giants front office. He stated, at the end of March, that he had no intention of returning to Japan. A Giants spokesperson said, "His actions are very one-sided and so we intend to deal with him (Bannister) and his agent harshly." Through this incident and the agreement between the baseball leagues around the world, Bannister has now been forced into retirement and is no longer eligible to play baseball professionally in any country in the world including the United States. (emphasis mine)

This is proof positive of how these foolish Flyjin messed up their own lives and have negatively influence ours with their selfish and irrational behavior. 

As long as these people fail to recognize the damage they have caused themselves (and the rest of us) and continue to make excuses in public forums rather than apologize to those who need it in private, then to hell with them.

And make no mistake about it, this is not so much a breach of contract as a breach of trust issue. 

That baseball player, Bannister, did not even discuss leaving with his employers the prospect of leaving Japan. What makes him different than these foreigners in Tokyo who split without discussing amongst their Japanese staff? 

I think the answer is self-evident: There is no difference.

*Take my advice when you apologize to your Japanese boss and peers and do it exactly like I have described here. It just might save your job.


Here's a ton of stuff the Japanese are saying. One guy, a foreigner (became a nationalized Japanese) and famous soccer player for Japan national team, Ramos, says that "the foreigners that ran away shouldn't come back and that the Japanese don't want them back" Tons of Japanese comments that agree: 逃げたい外国人 さっさと帰れ もどってくるな


More on Dempa 2ch (famous social networking site in Japan) and even a community started that is anti-Flyjin in the Japanese community:

Point? See?The fool who ran away have screwed things up not just for themselves... regardless of their excuses. Denial is not just a river in Egypt.


Kevin Riley said...

Good to see the repercussions hitting someone who deserves it. Thanks for reporting Mike.

Anonymous said...

The worst part is how many, in my circle at least, don't seem to even realize the trust lost or damage done, they're just completely oblivious! Very frustrating.

Anonymous said...

As usual, this is Ground Zero for mass generalizations. A disproportionate number of Japanese left too and everybody, Japanese or foreign, left for their own reasons. One more, you sound like a self-righetous bore.

More worryingly, you seem giddy on promoting a word that has its roots in historical racism. It's a derogatory, bigoted word/ idea that you as a foreigner should not embrace. Seems like you've lost your perspective. Maybe you should get out of the country a little while. You know, take a vacation.

Poots said...

I think that your ‘Flyjin’ should be expanded to include those foreigners that did not GO TO Japan in the aftermath of the tsunami that SHOULD HAVE!

For instance why has the CEO of GE – Jeff Immelt – not flown to Tokyo to demonstrate his confidence in the GE nuclear reactors and to see what he and his company can do to help?

From what I’ve been reading the actual design of these GE reactors is a bit controversial, but we all know how contracts for these things are actually awarded in the real world. In the real world large companies simply buy-off enough US Congressmen that they will then be able to use their influence to strong-arm the governments of other countries to award the companies that bought them off contracts that they would not otherwise have won in a fair and open market.

So where is Jeff Immelt?

And where is the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? She is always on-the-spot with cameras rolling in troubled areas of the world where the US has absolutely no business meddling. How come she isn’t in Tokyo offering her reassurances that the GE design is actually a good one and offering to help?

Where is Hillary?

There’s no point in even mentioning President Obama’s absence since I already mentioned Jeff Immelt. Barry is owned lock-stock-and barrel by GE. GE got the first of the taxpayer stolen payoffs and has now rewarded us all with a zero tax payment on billions in profits. Paying taxes is for us ‘little people.’

Think I’m exaggerating Jeff Immelt’s ownership of Mr. Change-You-Can-Believe-In? How else do you explain Obama’s naming Immelt as his chairman for the council on US job creation? This is the same Jeff Immelt that has made absolutely no pretense about his commitment to outsource as many American jobs as possible to China.

Can you say Barry-The-Puppet? And that’s a hand puppet - just so you get the true visual about exactly where Immelt’s hand is…

As to the sleaze that fled your country I can only say that I wish we didn’t have to get them back here in the US either. They foul the air wherever they go. Hopefully they will relocate to Washington DC where their personal stench will blend right in..

I have faith though that the Japanese people and your nation will survive this catastrophe as you have always survived any and all adversity and that you will once again lick your wounds, rebuild your nation, reconsider your friends, and continue on in your proud traditions.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all in your hours of sorrow and need.

Steve ‘Poots’ Candidus

Anonymous said...

re 2:31 AM

Who gives a damn about America or its politics?

Your rant is not really about the Japanese nuclear accident. It's a just pretext for whining about American grievances.

Even when it comes to other countries' disasters, these self-absorbed Americans feel compelled to make it all about Amurica.


But this is typical of the American Empire and its delusionally arrogant citizens.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I agree 200%. I live in Tokyo and and ashamed and totally embarrassed by how disloyal (and stupid) so many of my aquaintances and these foreigners were.

While people are panicking needlessly and crapping their shorts, small children and babies need food and milk. All that money down the toilet for plane tickets and hotels and resorts should have gone to the quake and tsunami affected areas. Why don't these loudmouthed foreigners clam up and do something like donate the like amount that they wasted to help those kids? It's the least they could do.

But no. It would take quality people to do that. We know from their actions that we are not dealing with quality people.

It infuriates me that these douchebag's try to rationalize their flights out as if there's nothing wrong. If there's nothing wrong, then why do they even bring it up?

Losers. Now they complain that they get castigated? Hell they should lose their jobs... If they don't like it, then they've already proven that they are quite free to leave anytime they like.

Rick in Suginami

Matt at Anarchy Japan said...

You take foreigners to task for fleeing Tokyo, but Japanese did as well.

If you check the press you'll see hotels were filling up in Nagoya and Osaka:

Also, here is another article detailing the concern in Osaka they won't have enough doctors for the influx of pregnant women:×2.html

Also, though you may realize this yourself, the term fly-jin was almost surely coined by a foreigner:「フライジン」に該当するページが見つか/

You seem to see individuals and the individual decisions they make in terms of collectives -- Japanese versus foreigners.

It's true, a lot of Japanese, also see things this way -- but it's simply a mistake.

I agree that people should take breaking a contract very seriously. But I don't agree that people should *never* break a contract because as a representative of their collective they should always strive to be a good representative.

The situation at the Fukushima plant *still* is precarious, and there are still several concerns. Will some of the reactors have to be vented again? What exactly is the safety level of low levels of radiation? What foods are really safe to eat, and how thoroughly is the government checking these foods? (Not that I want to rely on the government in Japan, but what other choice do we have?) Will there be an error in judgement that leads to further very serious problems? What will be the result of all the fallout in the ocean?

It seems to me individuals left Tokyo if they felt they could, that is, if they felt they could get away with it. Some will come back for the very same reason ... others will continue to stay away.

I do think the best point you make is that *that* money could have been used to help people who need it more -- a lot of people who left were indeed selfish. That is true.

Anonymous said...

Newsflash! Actions have consequences! *gasp*

Anonymous said...

Looks like a good bit of advise up above.

The Flyjin, reminds me of articles I've read about "flight or fight" and those who have done what's called, the chicken run.

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