Friday, April 29, 2011

Golden Week, the News and Nuclear Holocaust... A Regular Day in Tokyo

Today is April 29, 2011. It is the first day of the annual "Golden Week" Holiday in Japan. From today, many Japanese business people will take an entire week off from work and travel with their families to visit their hometowns and their parent's homes. That's about it. That's the big news. Nothing much else happening... After I write this blog post, I'm going to take a nap.



My family will stick around Tokyo, as we always do, during Golden Week as, during this time, Tokyo is empty and an wonderful place to be.

It's now been about seven weeks since the Fukushima nuclear accident occurred. In spite of the scandalous panic and spittle coming from the main stream media about how Tokyo was going to be filled with deadly radiation, we're still here.

Inspite of the mass media pronouncements of disaster and impending nuclear doom, 130 million Japanese people are still unaffected.  

Yesterday, little children attended school, like they always do. The trains were crowded with business people going to and from work, like they always do and the department stores were packed with shoppers buying gifts, like they always do, to take as presents when visiting relatives.

All in all, it is the same as it's always been.

There are no power outages. The stores have no shortages. The restaurants are slowly becoming filled with customers. There is no invisible radioactive monster stalking the streets.

Despite all the fear mongering and outlandish claims of certain death, we're still here. Nothing has happened. Today's radiation level is basically in line with the radiation level in Tokyo on March 1, 2011;  ten days before the earthquake and tsunami which caused the nuclear accident.

Radiation levels in Tokyo are roughly 3/100th 
Microgray highernow than they were ten days 
before the earthquake. And still at 1/4th the 

Of course, nothing has happened to us in Tokyo. We are hundreds of miles away from Fukushima. Ignorant pundits claimed that we were all going to get dangerous levels of radiation poisoning, but it didn't happen. Of course it didn't happen. It cannot happen. Radiation levels in Tokyo have been and are still today - and will be tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that - roughly 3/100th Microgray higher  than they were ten days before the earthquake. And still at 1/4th the daily levels seen in Rome, Italy.

It was predictable. I predicted it. It was an easy call. 

Why was it an easy call? Because I am an experienced news person with decades of experience in the mass media and now I am a blogger. 

Why do people like me want to write the truth? Because a blogger should be more interested in the truth than a fast buck. That is also why, in my case, there is no advertising on this blog whatsoever.

It is the nature of the beast.

Have a wonderful Golden Week.   

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