Thursday, April 7, 2011

What Does Obama Reelection Have to do with Nuclear Sensationalism?

Obama has announced that he is running for president in 2012. What does this have to do with the news and other BS regarding Japan's nuclear accident and sensationalism?

A lot, actually.

You are the target.

People who do not work in the mass media do not understand what kind of nonsense passes for news and truth in today's twisted media. Please understand that the news segment you saw on TV is not created by a seasoned and experienced TV producer who is concerned about the truth or the public good, but it is created by a 26-year-old producer who is concerned about controversy and ratings.

Climbing the ladder to main stream corporate schlock is the ultimate goal for these people; telling the truth is not.

Just as the media reported nonsense like the nuclear accident in Japan was the "next Chernobyl" or that "Northern Japan would be uninhabitable," Obama promised, "Change that you can believe in."

When the fact of the matter is that there is no difference between an Obama and a Bush. The problem is not a personality, it is a problem of a system.

Think about it: The American Empire.... Compare that with the Roman Empire.

The Roman Empire had Caesar, Caligula, Nero, Augustus and more... They had different emperors, yet, ultimately, it was still the Roman Empire.

The USA had Lincoln, Roosevelt, Clinton, Bush and Obama and yet it is still the US Empire.

I've even had friends who have worked in the mass media for years tell me that they thought Obama would be different.

Need me to tell you more about how the media twists everything for the gain of their owners? Watch this:

What fools. Same old. Same old.


Andy "In Japan" said...

The party bosses love to scare people. Being frightened makes most people childishly obediant of authority, as if their Momma is taking care of them again.

The solution proposed to every exaggerated event is always the same, more government power and/or higher taxes, which are both exactly what the Bush's, Clinton's, and Obama's of this world crave.

News flash: Obama and his gang are keeping us all safe from the nuclear bogeyman.

Anonymous said...

Anytime anyone tries to tell you that a major political party or a candidate from that party is 'different', ask them to please point out any administration or congress over the last 100 years or more that:

1- Reduced government debt (i.e. balanced the budget)
2- Reduced the size of government (number of agencies/employees)
3- Reduced the amount of laws and regulations (i.e. increased liberty)

What will more than likely happen is that they will either get increasingly flustered, or reveal their statist/socialist stripes by then trying to claim that more government (less liberty) is 'better' for us.

Anonymous said...

Go! Obama!
Obama: "I'm going to give you free insurance. Free food. Free housing and jobs!"
Crowd: "Why do we need jobs?"

Anonymous said...

Speaking of media sensationalism--or the lack thereof--it's revealing how the American media has largely forgotten the issue that those Fukushima nuclear reactors were designed by the American corporation GE and that these Mark 1 reactors were so poorly conceived that GE employee Dale G. Bridenbaugh and some of his colleagues quit in protest.

While there was some initial reporting on this fact, it's largely been dropped even though these same reactors are still operating elsewhere--including in the USA.

Compare the America media's relatively muted coverage of this issue to the hysterical--and borderline jingoistic--"journalism" that this same media promoted with respect to the Toyota brake issue.

This difference in coverage is all the more damning because I would think that a nuclear reactor design flaw would be just a BIT more important and newsworthy than a car brake problem.

But that's just me.

The fact that GE is an American corporation, while Toyota is a (rival) Japanese company, has absolutely nothing to do with this curious lack of media attention.

And if you believe that, I have some Enron stock I want to sell you.

Anonymous said...

you guys, it's not the politicians. they are just puppets of the large corporations that basically own everything. a class war is going on here in this country (USA) and there eventually will be revolution. the only way for that to succeed is to have the military come over the the "people's" side unlike Libya (but like Egypt).

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