Wednesday, April 6, 2011

NHK: Radiation Leak into Ocean Halted

NHK News has announced that the radiated water that leaking into the ocean has been halted!

東電 汚染水の流出が止まる

4月6日 6時39分 
Translation: According to an announcement by TEPCO, at the number 2 nuclear reactor at Fukushima that was leaking radioactive material into the ocean, the leak has been stopped by use of a chemical plastic to stop leaks. The announcement was made on the morning of April 6, 2011.


Poots said...

"...the leak has been stopped by use of a chemical plastic to stop leaks..."


Good for Japanese know-how and innovation!

If they were looking for some kind of a slimy goo to shove in the hole though they should have just stuffed it with Jeff Immelt...

You'd better keep your guard up. He'll probably try to strong-arm the Japanese government into buying four more of his GE reactors to replace the four that were destroyed.

Japan can do better itself...

Mike Newton said...

Good to hear! Thanks Mike.

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