Thursday, April 21, 2011

Idiots in Government Waste Thousands of Dollars Buying Super-Hero Capes

Yesterday, I wrote a blog complaining how the clowns in the government in Japan wanted to raise sales tax - in the middle of some of the worst economic conditions and after the worst natural disaster in Japan's history. It was one of the few blog posts that I had written recently that readers completely agreed with. In Japan's Tax-At-All-Costs Political Class, I wrote:

As usual, when it comes to doing something about the economy, the government cannot admit its errors and try to strip them away. As is the case now, and has always been the case, the government of Japan's answer to financial problems is not to cut spending or to sell poorly valued and foolishly bought US government backed securities (that lose value every day), but the answer is, and always will be to spend and raise taxes.
Well, here's a story from the USA that takes the cake. It's about how idiots in government are spending $75,000 in tax monies on a campaign to puts Super-hero capes on the unemployed. Residents of Central Florida can win cash prizes if they follow the unemployment office's Twitter or Facebook account.

Adventures of Unemployed Man? 
What's next? "Horror Stories of Homelessness Man?"

How's that for putting a dent in unemployment? They start a Social Network service and give out cash prizes like a lottery to winners.

How in the world is that going to help unemployment!?

From Raw Story:
The jobs agency plans to distribute the superhero capes to residents taking part in the agency's "Cape-A-Bility Challenge" by trying to vanquish "Dr. Evil Unemployment." 

From the Daily Bail
Before you do anything else watch this idiotic video that was financed completely by tax dollars...
WCF or Workforce Central Florida gets $24 million annually from federal taxpayers and accomplishes virtually nothing based on their own statistics.
Residents of central Florida can win a cape by becoming a Workforce Central Florida fan on Facebook, taking a Facebook quiz, having a photo taken with a foam cutout of Dr. Evil Unemployment, tweeting a job posting, or using LinkedIn to recommend someone using the word "super."

The boss of the unemployment campaign in question defended the campaign, saying it will spread the agency's message. The capes, she said, are a direct tie-in to the larger effort.
"Some people will wear them, and others will ask 'How do I get one?'" she said.
"Everyone," she said, "is a superhero in the fight against unemployment."
This is just one more example - in a long line of millions - trillions - that will never end that show how the government wastes money. Remember, whether it is idiocy like this, doing "something" about the economy or helping the poor or suffering, the government will always waste money and make the situation worse. History proves it.
Then on top of that, they take their cut of the monies for salaries and vacations all the while giving no bid contracts to their friends. I wonder if they had a fair bidding process for the job to manufacture $25,000 worth of Super-Hero capes?
I'll bet you a huge office full of glazed donuts for unemployed workers that they didn't.
"Everyone is a Superhero in the fight against unemployment?" Indeed....

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