Monday, April 4, 2011

Headlines on Nuke Disaster & JPQuake Bad Reporting Wall of Shame

Please check the JPQuake Bad Reporting Wall of Shame for some excellent examples of over-the-top sensationalist reporting on the nuclear accident in Japan.

Here are some more headlines that we'd like to see:

"Millions of Japanese Suffer Deadly Radiation Poisoning in German Newspaper!" 

"Entire Coastline of Northern Japan now Surrounded by Water!"

"Smoke Billowing from Factories in Japan a Thousand Times 

"Radiators Active in New Toyota Factory!"

"Western media in race against time; hysterical nuclear bullshit nearing critical meltdown, yet millions are still uncontaminated!"

And, finally;

"Fukushima Nuclear Reporters Still Valiantly Holding on in Fight to Write About Nuclear Holocaust!"

If you have any great headlines, please add them into "comments"

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Poots said...

And don’t forget the ‘taunting you with news’ sound bites they feed us on television:

“Pacific Ocean evaporates!!! - Film at ten…”

Or maybe:

“Everyone in the world is dead!!! - On-The-Spot-News- at nine…”

And then the actual report is nothing like the sensationalist nonsense that got the mindless masses to tune in…

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