Sunday, February 12, 2012

Japan's SM Police! Why in the World are the Japanese Police Raiding SM Clubs? A Policeman is Caught Naked in One of Them! Ridiculous Laws Must Stop!

I hate to sound like a broken record, but why in the world are the police wasting time and taxpayers monies on chasing people around for victimless "crimes" like smoking herbs, prostitution, gambling, paying for sex and other "favors," and now standing around naked at a Sadomasochist club? You got to be kidding me!

Japanese Dominatrix: Beautiful and sexy Japanese girl? Yes... But not my type... 
Different strokes for different folks, I guess... Me? I've never been one for pain. 
Pain hurts. Funny that; I don't like things that hurt... 
(Probably wouldn't kick her outta bed for eating rice crackers, tho')  

It gets worse and just shows how stupid and hypocritical our masters and the police are in that, at this particular raid on said SM club, one of the 15 patrons arrested was an off-duty police officer! (I wonder how many of those other tax-feeding cops are involved in other so-called "illegal" past-times when they are not busy crashing parties and bizarre past times that other people are involved in?)

Hell, they arrest people for getting their jollies at an SM club? What the heck? Why don't they arrest people for going out and wasting a full day at a golf course too? If you ask me, that is a waste of time. As Mark Twain said, "Golf is a good walk spoiled."

I don't know, honey... You sure a nice dinner 
and a glass of wine wouldn't be more fun?

The Tokyo Reporter has the story that makes me want to pull my hair out: Sapporo cop busted for nudity during raid of SM club:

TOKYO (TR) – Sapporo police early Saturday arrested a fellow officer for public indecency during a raid of a SM club in the Susukino entertainment district, reports the Asahi Shimbun (Feb. 11).

Naotoshi Okuzawa, a 28-year-old senior patrol officer from the Atsubetsu Police Station, was taken into custody after officers entered Club Patio and found the officer on the stage naked and in the company of female employee, who had tied him with a red rope.

“There is no question that I was naked,” Okuzawa is quoted in admitting to the allegations.

When officers entered the premises at 1:15 a.m., 15 customers were present. Initially, Ozawa did not reveal his occupation, but later investigators discovered that he is a fellow officer.

“We seriously apologize for arrest of a policeman,” said Minoru Okumura, a spokesperson for the Hokkaido prefectural police. “All the facts will be investigated, and we will deal with this matter in a very strict manner.” 

"We seriously apologize for the arrest of a policeman"??? Yeah, what he really means is that "We made a mistake. If we'd have known he was a policeman, we'd have never arrested him. We only arrest mundanes and peasants (regular people like you). We promise to make sure that it doesn't happen again..."

Pardon me for being so stupid, but what is it that they are arresting these people and this cop for? Being stupid? Having weird hobbies? Being a bit twisted (who isn't a bit twisted?) Being naked inside a building? Well, funny that, I have a strange notion that it is inside of buildings and not outside of buildings that people are supposed to be naked when that dress (or lack thereof) situation occurs.

"Hands up! I'm taking you in... Dead or alive! Your call!"

Great. Just great. Japan's total debt is 492% of GDP and our national financial situation is desperate and these clowns are chasing around people with fetishisms and other silly habits. It is even stupider when you realize that the government wants to make laws that are supposed to make us "better people"!!!??? As I wrote in: Man Dies Smoking "Legal Herb"? Japan's Newest Drug Craze and More Unnecessary Drug Laws

The government has no business passing laws on what people wish to put into their bodies. If people are stupid enough to want to huff airplane fuel, drive without a seat belt, drink until they kill themselves, or eat junk food all the time, will we pass laws making that illegal too? (Look at the idiocy in England whereby teapots must be labeled, "Sugar leads to diabetics." (sic))

This comes down to private property rights. The poor guy who died, as with you or me, are the owners of our own bodies. There is no one who has the right to tell us what we can and cannot consume. Guidelines are welcomed, but these draconian laws are a waste of taxpayers money.

These idiotic laws are passed, but our lords, masters and politicians get caught doing the very same things that they don't want the mundanes, peasants and  public (that's where you and I come in) to do because of their hypocritical public stance. Remember: "Don't do as I do. Do as I say!"

Cops? Out of control everywhere!

When is the public going to finally stand up and say, "Enough is enough!" of this nonsense.


Andrew Joseph said...

Why are the police raiding S&M clubs? Beats me. Good article, Mike.

Anonymous said...

Someone naked? What, in an S&M PRIVATE club?!? My God! Whatever can we do about it?!! (with apologies to Fawlty Towers).

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Andrew & Joseph, I didn't wanna, but, well... look at this: "The Choirboys (1977)".

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