Monday, March 14, 2011

2,000 Bodies Found in Japan, Over 9,000 Missing

This situation is really bad. The sensationalism gets pretty upsetting. The people who are reporting on this are, well, idiots. 

You know that were are venturing into world's quite well known when we have jerks like Anderson Cooper coming here to report on the ground from Japan. I ask you, what the hell does Anderson Cooper know about Miyagi prefecture, Japan? I gather about the same he knew about Egypt; zip, nada, zero... He's just a pretty face. What a clown!

This report from CNN

About 2,000 bodies were found Monday on two shores in Japan's Miyagi prefecture after last week's 9.0-magnitude quake and a massive tsunami, Xinhua reported.

About 1,000 bodies were found on a shore in Ojika peninsula and another 1,000 have been spotted on the shore of Minamisanriku town. The Miyagi prefecture in northeast Japan is one of the hardest-hit areas in last Friday's earthquake.

The findings will significantly increase the death toll, officials said.

The findings will increase the death toll? Are you kidding me, Einstein? Gee, duh, who'd a thunk that finding 2,000 dead people would increase the death toll? 


Anonymous said...

cooper should stick with his wild oxycodone parties on christopher street.

Anonymous said...

Who thinks the American media has any legitimacy?

This is the same embedded US media that spewed lies about "Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq" for over a decade to justify America's bombing and later aggression against that nation.

The American media and CNN in particular should stick to reporting on topics more on their intellectual level--like Charlie Sheen's latest idiocy or Justin Bieber tweets.

Hi said...


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