Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earthquakes for the Benefit of the State

The huge earthquake in Japan yesterday caused immense damage and human death and suffering. I feel sorry for those who lives have been forever altered by this event.

Fot the rest of us... For those of us who have been merely inconvenienced, I have some thoughts on how this event, and events like it, are used by the state to justify and glorify the its existence.

I am also surprised at the lack of personal responsibillity shown by some people who seem to be unable to make decisions on what's best for themselves. They seem to have lost the individualist spirit; they need to have someone tell them what to do.

Is it safe? Is it dangerous? Is it all clear or should we run for cover? Will there be more earthquakes or are they over? The answer to all these questions is a definite "Yes!" The problem exists, I believe, when people refuse to gather all the available information and then judge the situation for themselves. They then must take responsibility and decide what is in their best interest, by themselves... Not wait for some bureaucrat sitting in some office somewhere to tell them if it's okay to wipe their noses or not.

After all, is there anyone in the world who knows better than you what's best for you? 

People today seem to have lost the ability to decide for themselves what's best. They need someone to tell them what to do and what to think.

It's a sorry state of affair for a sorry bunch of people.

I will write a longer essay about this for Lew Rockwell in the coming days.  


Guy Jean said...

May I suggest you hold your horses? People are still in shock, the situation at the nuclear reactors is still critically dangerous, and from what I've seen on the telly, most people HAVE been taking their own initiative because in most cases there were no bureaucrats around. If everyone within 10 kms of the reactors decides to leave now, there will be gridlock on the roads and no-one will get out. Is that responsible behavior?

Please don't shoot from the hip and write an "Earthquakes for the benefit of gaijin bloggers"-type, cringe-inducing article.

Ira Hata said...


There's a also a BIG LIE being perpetrated on the public via NHK news broadcasts. Please read the below, then watch the bullshit being fed to the public on all TV channels. This is definitely the work of the politicians who have constantly denied their HUGE MISTAKE in backing enriched uranium nuclear power plants instead of backing geothermal or (Japanese developed) 4S nuclear power.

Hope you can write about this very important problem...


Roger J> Marshall said...

At least some of the fundamental blame goes to the Mombukagakusho (Ministry of "Science" and Education) for purposely creating a lowest common denominator approach to classrooms where teachers are forbidden to criticize students, to assign grades, or to allow competitition - so nobody gets their feelings hurt. How's that for preparing future generations of citizens for the real world?

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Thanks. This is not a "Earthquakes for the benefit of gaijin bloggers" type of comment. I am speaking of the state whether it be Japan, the USA or wherever.

Regardless of the place, the government will use it's own foulups as an excuse to expand the state (and debts, taxation, etc...) Yesterday, the Japanese government said there was no danger of a radiation leak. Then today they said, 6 km radius. Then, an hour later, 10 kilometers. Only a fool would believe this as stated.

The USA gov't miserably failed on Sept. 11, 2001. What was their solution? Expansion of the state; creation of the Patriot Act and Homeland Security.

In the early 1960's a plant in Japan was dumping chemicals in the rivers and lakes. Animals were dying and children were being born with terrible deformities. The government's response, "Everything is safe no problem." There was a huge coverup by the government... We now know this case as Minamata (which 50 years later, the government did admit to lying and paid, are you ready for it, ¥5 million yen to each claimant in court.

My comments have nothing to do with the government. They are expected to mess things up and then cover up. That's what governments do. It's when people fail to take responsibility for themselves and their families when the problems occur.

I had a vacation planned at Fukushima for skiing on the 21st. Even though the government said everything is OK, I cancelled it yesterday. Why? It's called taking personal responsibility and making a decision by myself.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

PS: Yes. I am a gaijin. I am also 1/2 Japanese - have lived in a Japanese household with Japanese people all my life. Now, at 54 years old, I have lived here in Japan for more than 1/2 of my life.

Still a gaijin, but with a vastly more Japanese perspective and sympathy of Japan than 98% of the other foreigners here.

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