Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meltdown at Two Japanese Reactors Reported. Situation Deteriorating.

It now looks as if there are two nuclear reactors that are out of control in Japan. MSNBC reports:

Japanese Officials are now operating under the presumption that TWO reactors have either already melted down or are on their way to a meltdown. Critical core cooling systems have failed at both reactors.  This situation has gone from bad to worse real quick.

Explosion at first plant

Throw on top of that, a 70% chance of another large quake hitting Japan, as CNN reports:

There is a 70% likelihood that Japan will experience an earthquake of 7.0 or above in the next three days, the country's meteorological agency said.

Takashi Yokota, director the Earthquake Prediction Information Division of the agency said he based his prediction on increased tectonic activity.
And you've got a situation where, in spite of what the government says about no danger, I think it would be wise to get out of dodge.
Ready for a scary video? Watch this. Make sure you are sitting down.

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