Sunday, March 27, 2011

What is a Leader?

Steve "Poots" Candice writes in, "What is a leader?" in response to my post about how foreign management in Japan abandoned their posts at the earthquakes, Tsunami and nuclear accident and then left the Japanese holding the bag. I posted a article that predicted the lash back to these people from the Japanese staff:

Fly-Jin Hits Even the Wall Street Journal

If these people really thought the situation was so bad and dangerous, then why didn't they tell their staff to go home and care for their families? 

I pointed out that this was a disgraceful show of lack of leadership abilities. Steve adds:

I have always said that the real problem with American business today begins right at the top. I can even define it in two words. Two words that are missing from what passes for corporate management in America today. The two words are:

‘Follow me.’

These two words are the difference between a leader and a manager.

A leader will say: ‘…OK everyone; here is what we are going to do. Follow me…” They will then lead the way.

A manager will say: “…OK everyone; here is what I want done. I expect it completed by tomorrow…” Having just made an executive decision, he or she will likely then go to their private country club and play golf.

Even in times of disaster a leader will NEVER abandon his or her people to their fate. They will be honest with their people and tell them that they may not be able to protect them from whatever awaits, but whatever it is they will face it together. 

That’s a LEADER.

All we have in American management today are managers.

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sam said...

managers are also born bullshitters and the world is learning from the bullshit nation as to how to act and pretend.

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