Friday, March 18, 2011

Fox News Reports on Shibuya Nuclear Power Plant

You just can't make this stuff up. Hell, I've died and gone to heaven. If I ever wanted any evidence that the western media were screwed up and exaggerating their reporting and being incredible sensationalist about it, I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Shibuya crossing

Fox News has reported about a nuclear Power station in Shibuya. I think some of you might have heard of Shibuya, that's the place where the super crowded intersection is with the giant TV screens. Come to think of it, having a nuclear power plant there is a good idea... Saves cost on extension cords.

From Media Matters:

Earlier today on Fox News' Your World With Neil Cavuto, this map popped up detailing the locations of Japan's nuclear power plants:

Notice at the bottom right: Shibuyaeggman

One name seems out of place on the graphic -- that of "Shibuyaeggman."
It doesn't show up on the International Atomic Energy Agency's list of Japanese nuclear power stations, and this map of Japanese nuclear installations from the Department of Energy's International Nuclear Safety Center doesn't have any listing for "Shibuyaeggman," and doesn't show a nuclear power plant anywhere near the location on the Fox News map. So I did a little research.
A quick Googling of "shibuyaeggman" turned up no meaningful results. A Nexis search was also fruitless. However, further inquiries revealed that Eggman is the name of a dance club in a trendy neighborhood of Tokyo called... Shibuya. And, it just so happens, the Fox graphic appears to place the alleged reactor in Tokyo. Here's a photo of Eggman -- as you can see, it's right below The @ Super Suits Store. And Johnny Hi-Fi played there in 2006.

Sounds like a fun place. But it doesn't sound like a nuclear power plant.
Hey! Laugh all you want but I have been to Egg Man many times and can tell you for a fact that it is an exciting, explosive and electric place... One time, my friend took Ecstasy there and said he felt like he had been radiated!
Thanks to Graham Pavey for sending in this gem!


Jimbo said...

You would think someone would have caught that, what with the word EGGMAN stuffed in there. /facepalm

Andy "In Japan" said...

Is there really a Sendai nuclear plant down there near Kagoshima?

Kato said...

Did you notice they also got a lot of the reactor names wrong, and the number of reactors in the country as well?

Where the hell did they come up with this half baked graphic?

Kato said...

Here's the real map of all nuclear plants in Japan.

Cobutackle said...

Yeah, this is so FUNNY... I want to know how this happened.

Anonymous said...

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fox might be wrong 90% of the time but at least they are fair and balanced. :-)

Ubatama said...

To Andy "In Japan"

Indeed, there are Sendai nuclear plants in Kagoshima.
But, Those nuclear plants are in towns of Kyushu,川内.
It is pronounced "Sendai" as well.

I think what you meant "Sendai" was one of northeastern cities, 仙台.
This city doesn't have any nuclear plants.

Perphaps, it is also little complicated for our Japanese.
I'm sorry that I couldn't explain these differences clealy.

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