Monday, March 14, 2011

Third Nuclear Reactor Failing... Could Explode

Urgent update. NHK news reports that a third nuclear reactor is failing and could face a meltdown or explosion.

Okay, this shit is getting so bad that the best thing we can do is to laugh about it....

NHK reports


The report says that now, the #2 reactor  at Fukushima has failed and is in critical condition. Suddenly the cooling water level has fallen in the reactor and the possibility of a critical error cannot be ruled out. The core might have melted down yet sea water is pumped into the core in an effort to cool it down. This might have occurred because the engineers left their stations for a moment and the water levels dropped.

1 comment:

anon said...

From what I heard the reason they couldn't pump sea water was because the pump ran out of fuel. They seemed to be able to put sea water in now and the situation is under control (at least they claim so; whether you believe that or not is a different story).

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