Monday, March 7, 2011

Japan Goes Totally to the Dogs

I love dogs as much as the next guy, but when dogs are pampered and treated better than humans are treated, that's where I draw the line. I hate dogs who live in better luxury than I do! After reading this article, you'll agree; some dogs in Japan surely have it made!

"Oh sure!" you are thinking. "Mike just says he loves dogs, but secretly inside, he hates them." Not true! I love dogs. I just hate dogs who think they are human - No! Better than human - because their owners treat them better than the middle class gets treated in 3/4's of the world.

I mean, these dogs in Japan, as well as their crazy owners, are just plain, well... crazy!

I've told you before how Japan has wigs for dogs

Of course, you've seen dogs running around wearing dog clothes and sweaters. But did you know that, in Japan, you can buy famous maker brand dog clothes and accessories? Yes it's true. They even come in "Matching Star-Line Parkas" and "Matching Sports Jerseys"!

Let's face it folks. Whatever would fluffy do if she were seen by the other neighborhood high-society upper crust canines with just a cheap no-brand not-famous maker T-shirt on? 

How in the world could she ever take a dump in public again? I know I couldn't. Shudder the thought.

Of course, not only do the Japanese love these stupid dogs so much that they pamper the hell out of them, some pet shops allow people to rent out dogs by the hour so that they can take them out on a walk! Seriously. The dogs rent for ¥1,500 yen an hour (about $18.22 USD)  so that you can take them for a walk!

Some dogs in Japan even have their own exclusive clubs! Like the Miniature Schnauzer's Club. Mutts and half-breeds need not apply!

After reading this, it will come as no surprise to dear reader that, of course, there are restaurants in Japan that cater to people who wish to bring their dog along. The menu even has items for lowly Homo Sapien as well as your favorite canine super-dog.

Guffaw now, but it gets worse, much worse.

Yesterday my son asked that I take him to a huge pet store that is about 20 minutes by car from our house. He wanted to see the birds, fish and mice.

The shop is called Pet Forest and it is supposed to be one of the biggest pet stores in the entire area. Around my house, the pet stores are really small and the selection poor. Pet Forest is a chain pet store. They have shops all around Japan. Pet Forest is supposed to have everything. 

It does and more.... Much more. So much more that it could be pet heaven... But I suppose heaven is not a good name for a store that is supposed to be selling the animals, not burying them.

Pet Forest has a massive collection of
fresh-water and salt-water fish

Pet Forest has so much more stuff that I just couldn't believe it. You won't believe it either. That's why I had to take photos as evidence that it is not I who has completely lost their mind, but they - the dog owners who need to be instituted into the looney hospital.

I knew dogs were pampered in this country, but what I saw yesterday takes the cake.... Literally.

You won't believe what these cakes and
delicious-looking foods really are.... Read on!

Are you sitting down? OK. Take a deep breath... Here goes... Pet Forest has gourmet food and desserts for dogs. And these are not canned dog I am not making this up. Hamburger plates for dogs! Rolled Cabbage & gravy! 

Heck, I didn't eat this good when I was a university student!

I asked the lady at the counter is, for real, these dishes were just for dogs, and she confirmed my worst fears. Yes. They are just for dogs but edible for humans too. They even have birthday cakes for the dog. They look like sweets but are actually made from ingredients that are healthy for dogs and flavored like cheese cakes, etc. You can't make this stuff up. 

Happy Birthday to Poochie! Happy
birthday to Poochie! Happy birthday to you!
(This cake costs $32.55! For a dog!?)

Who would waste good money for food like this on feeding some dumb human? I never would. Well, I've never heard such nonsense! Jeeves! Bring the car to the front. Fluffy would like to take a drive in the Rolls!  

Anyhow, as a final word, you can't blame Pet Forest for this situation. They are just trying to make a business and giving the customer what they want. And, judging from the size of their stores and with how crowded this place was, I'd say they are doing a good business.

Yes. Pet Forest had $10,000 birds too.

As far as Pet Forest goes, the prices were much cheaper than the dinky Tokyo stores and the selection was impressive. Pet Forest gets a five paws up, I reckon.

So, I guess I can take this chance to finish with the article by saying, once again, it definitely is a dog's life in Japan as dog's are treated better here than most humans... Dog wigs, dog sports fashions, doggie diners, and doggie clubs... Throw on top of that gourmet food for dogs and all I can say is... "Bone"-apetite!

Pet Forest has a huge selection of fresh and salt-water fish


Andy "In Japan" said...

Maybe this is a result of Japanese women staying single and especially not having children. To their biological credit, women have a strong mothering instinct, wanting to nurture and care for others. When they don't have children to raise and pamper a bit, they find a substitute such as a doggie.

Not saying that women should be discriminated at the office, just that they should not be forced into the workplace by government high tax and inflationary policies. If men could make enough money, the women who wanted to stay home and care for children could much more easily do so.

The Coin Guy said...

Where's the cats?

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