Friday, March 25, 2011

Red Wine Helps Protect Against Radiation.

Tim Williams, president of "Japan's only online wine super-store" shares some great information about how red wine can help protect against radiation.


Tim, a trained molecular scientist, wine expert and all around good dude says:

"Mike!  Red wine helps protect against radiation. Google it to find stuff like this...."

I did and found thousands of articles like this one from The Telegraph UK. It has a stupendous headline. It reads:

Impending nuclear attack? Then scientists may soon recommend that it is best you start drinking heavily and not just because you may be facing oblivion.

According to the latest research, red wine - along with its many other claimed benefits - may also protect you from radiation exposure.
A team at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have discovered that resveratrol, the natural anti-oxidant found in red wine, can protect cells from the damage caused by radiation.
In experiments on mice the scientists found that when combined with the chemical acetyl and administered before radiation exposure it protected the cells 

Protects from radiation? Now I finally do have an excuse to say to my wife when she asks me why I love drinking so much wine... And not only does red wine help protect me from that, it also helps women keep their skin looking younger with its anti-oxidation qualities. 

The article also goes on to state that, in spite of what the snake-oil salesmen tell you that:
"Currently there are no drugs on the market that protect against or counteract radiation exposure."

Uh, nothing on the market that protects or counteracts against radiation exposure!? Yikes! 

So I guess we better drink up on the red wine! Hallelujah! I no longer need an excuse to open a bottle!

By the way, let me make a shameless plug here for I can honestly say that my wife and I always order our wines online from because they are dependable, quick and they deliver it right to our door (who wants to be carrying cases of wine around?) AND we get free delivery for orders over ¥10,000... Not only that, they have really excellent and delicious red wine for under ¥1,000!!!

I especially recommend the Chile wines from Emiliana. has a wide selection of them!

2008 Emiliana, Eco Balance, Pinot Noir price: ¥930!


Anonymous said...

Good idea, iodine salt and geiger counters are completely sold out in panic-berlin. Wine would make them calm down again.

TokyoTom said...

Mike, it seems you failed to find in your searches that pinot noir wines apparently have by far the best highest levels of resveratrol.

Too bad I failed to read more closely before just opening a bottle of Hedges' 2006 CMS Red (Washington State).

I also hear that Oregon has the best tasting pinot noirs, though I may soon find myself ordering a Chilean one from your pal!

BTW, see this on the yakuza? Massive post-tsunami public spending='Happy days are here again' for yakuza-who cream 3%


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