Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Too Much Misinformation

There's so much information and disinformation running around. I guess some are my fault (if I can be so pompous to think it matters what I say or not). There's so much nonsense going on and being reported in the news, it's no wonder people are freaking out and panicking.
The Castaways - Liar Liar
Anyway, I posted on LRC that my wife, son and I are leaving Japan "soon." Well, I can see how that has confused some people. Let me explain.

My father has congestive heart failure. He and my family members reported to me that his heart was "working at 20% and it could stop any moment." I had scheduled for my wife and son to go to the USA to see him on March 12th (the day after the earthquake) to go see him. My father's birthday, by the way is tomorrow. I was hoping we could see him then.  

On that day, we again tried to go to the airport but was unable to make it as the roads were all closed.

I rescheduled our flight for the next flight available, the 14th, but once again, could not make it to the airport due to train stoppage because of blackouts and the roads being reportedly closed once again. I had to cancel and reschedule again. This time, due to the exodus and panic, I could not get an available flight for the three of us until March 21st.

On that day, my family will fly out of Japan. Not because of the end of the world, but because my dad is dying and I need to go see him.

As far as the problems are here in Tokyo, there's a big difference between fear and danger.

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