Friday, March 18, 2011

Nuclear Disaster? No! I've Merely Lost My Patience

Okay folks. Things are calming down quite a bit and people are now beginning to wonder what the fuss was all about. Come home. You are all forgiven. That being said, there are people in the mass media and the government who need to lose their jobs.
I can't be too hard on most of you all because you've never worked with the scum that I have at a broadcasting station. You don't know what kind of BS passes for news. I do. I cannot expect that you would know what I know about it. Forget about it.

Those of you who worried about your loved ones and children can be forgiven for thinking of them first. That is common sense. If I had any common sense - which I don't - and didn't know about the inner workings of the mass media - I might have done the same.

But those foreigners who left (especially company executives who ran away with paid leaves) while making sure that their Japanese staff stayed on and worked (like the idiots at Coca-Cola) do not deserve to be employed. Those foreigners who left and continued with the tabloid scaremongering need to do some serious soul searching or get out of Japan. The Japanese can do, and deserve, better than you. 

You know, in my country, that kind of panic inducing scaremongering is a crime. You do know that yelling, "Fire!" in a movie theater is a felony? Okay? For a good example of that kind of crap, see this hilarious article sent to me by Ryan that appeared in the Sun UK about a "Starving Brit Trapped in the City of Ghosts - Tokyo." Horrors!

The article states:

A BRITISH mum told last night of her terror trapped and starving in the eerie ghost town that is Tokyo after the tsunami.

Keely Fujiyama, 37, phoned The Sun to describe a city in fear of nuclear catastrophe - with streets deserted and food, water and fuel running out.
And she slammed the British Embassy for failing to help expats desperate to escape - after radiation levels from Japan's stricken nuclear reactors reached ten times normal.
The mum of two said: "They fled and left us here to fry. I'm ashamed to call myself British."
Keely, from Croydon, South London, has lived in Tokyo for ten years after marrying Japanese Ryu Fujiyama.
She said: "I'm stuck inside a third-floor apartment in a part of the city that resembles a ghost-town. Normally the streets bustle like nowhere else on earth.
"But I look outside now and they're completely deserted. It's like London in the zombie movie 28 Days Later."

Yes. Yes. Quite simply the most horrifying thing I've read this week... Anyhow... So, just stop doing that rabble rousing and quietly come home. Things are shitty enough for those poor people in Miyagi and northern Japan without you and your hysterical little girl antics adding to the mix.  All is forgiven. Please do the necessary soul searching and then no one will publicly shame you. That is a promise. (Please help out the people who really do need help here).

Once again, if you have loved ones to be concerned about, no one is complaining that you take precautions and send them away. That's fine. But don't cause unnecessary panic by sending out emails on Facebook and Social Media filled with stupid crap and unfounded rumors.

It's your life, do what you want. But please do not try to justify your actions by scaring everyone else. Like I said, it is a crime to yell, "Fire!" in a movie theater. 

Repent! The day of reckoning is at hand.

Thanks to Ryan


Andy "In Japan" said...

Just got an email from a Swiss woman who claimed her embassy ordered her out.

Of course, she's just under stress and needed to blow off steam.

Just read a blog written by a 29 year old Scotsman who says he's staying in Tokyo, unless his embassy tells him otherwise.

What's odd to me is that people do seem to revel in following orders given by some government entity.

"What shall I do? I don't know, but when a government official gives an order, I obey. "

There must be something in humans that gives them comfort in not taking responsibility for themselves.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Poor pathetic unthinking fools....What ever would they do if they had to think for themselves? Alas!

Ri said...

I'm kind of pleased over the max exodus. Had plans (and still do) to move to TKY from Miyazaki at the end of the month and hoping this means more job openings for me. ;)

JT said...

Things seem to be calming down. Except this one thing.

Crisis severity of No. 1-3 reactors raised to level 5
-Japan times

Oh yeah, California has reported to have detected radiation. There is no numbers, for whatever reason. All they said was it is low.

Though it should increase.

Oh! And Canada has had a release of radioactive water into Lake Ontario. Happend Monday but they didn't want to report it, because of the anti nuclear power feelings.

Ben said...

California must be doing a good job then because no one in Tokyo has detected an increase:

The report actually says it detected radiation:
"(They're) about a billion times beneath levels that would be health threatening,"

That's like California detecting my fart and then writing an article about it.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

Ben! That's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

"That's like California detecting my fart and then writing an article about it."

Hey now! Some people's farts could be considered highly dangerous in nature, comparable to a mini-Three Mile Island or Chernobyl even.

Anonymous said...

Totally, we blame it on radon gas back in Devon and Cornwall but I know the real reason (^_-)b

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