Thursday, March 17, 2011

Moral Support to Earthquake Blogger! Yeah!

I got a great email from my friend "Peter" about my blog. Peter is a very cool dude and knows his stuff. "Peter" is a Japanese.

"Peter" writes:


Hope you, your family, everyone you care are fine! FULL RESPECT to your blog !!

I'm getting sick and tired of fear-mongering TV news, blogs, and rumors surrounding us. WHILE  the victims of tsunami and earthquake are suffering.  Lucky that we have home and shelter.  And this is what we need, as long as our loved ones are fine. Getting really pissed (off) to see people exaggerating the facts, and simply amplifying the rumors.  

What we can do is, (as you are fully doing it), be calm, relaxed, and show respect by being "normal".  

Mike, I had to mail you and thank you for the blog entries...

Full respect to you!


Thanks Petey,

I am so pleased to get your mail. So pleased, in fact, that I thought I'd have my wife take my picture with my 'baby' for posterities sake. Here's a picture of me and 'my blogging partner.' 

I used to have a regular PC but my wife - who is much smarter than me about these sorts of things - said to me, "For business in Japan, you need to have a computer that says, 'I am an expert' so she demanded that I trade in my dinosaur Windows clunker for a 'Ferrari' Macbook Pro." I resisted at first, but you know what? She was right.

With my old computer no one ever said, "Wow! How is it?" But with this baby, I've been asked that many times. 

When you pull out a computer like this it says, "I am a computer expert; I am serious; I am a pro; I know what I am talking about; you need me and I deserve to be paid well!" 

Now, if I could just get this thing to toast bread and make coffee in the mornings, I wouldn't need her! ... Er, of course I merely jest.....


Anonymous said...

The port is too small for my "card".

Anonymous said...

Apple rules!

Anonymous said...

It's funny that you should mention that... I had the same experience. One day a clown, the next day a prince. People sure are weird.

Anonymous said...

Apple kicks ass!!! No, Kicks royal ass!!!

Give to Japan said...

I second the comments Peter made about fear-mongering. I've made a point to try and provide productive, moral support for those impacted by the earthquake and tsunami. I created a website to support close friends who are living in the US, but are from affected areas.

Thanks for the thoughtful post. Keep it up.

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