Monday, February 13, 2012

Am I the Only Person Who Doesn't Care About the Grammy Awards?

The title to this blog says it all. Am I the only person who doesn't care about the Grammy Awards? I saw this comment on Facebook and was relieved that there is someone who thinks like me. Sometimes I've wondered if I am the only person in the entire world who doesn't care about this stuff and doesn't watch it. I don't care about the Academy Awards or the Oscars or the Super Bowl either. They are all boring.

Yes. That's what I said! B-O-R-I-N-G! Of course all professional sports are boring. And, since pro sports are big money entertainment, they aren't what they seem. Big money equals big corruption (or haven't you been paying attention?). Anyway, who cares if some professional team beats another one? They really have nothing to do with your city (besides a contract with a stadium or auditorium) and their winning will not change your life in the least. Still people think they care. 

I also don't like these awards shows because of their high-brow attitude. I don't like "snooty high-brow" anything whereby people try to act like they are important or the center of the world (or even the center of wherever it is that they are at in any given moment.) It's like the folks who are in a members-only club; I don't like it.

I sometimes get invited to join these members-only clubs. Chuckle. I always use the Groucho Marx quote: "I refuse to join any club that would allow people like me as a member."

"Whatever it is... I'm against it!"

Today, I got an email from a friend in Hollywood who produces independent music, videos and films. He wrote:

"Wow, trying to watch the Grammy's, you were correct. You would have contracted jet lag (coming to Los Angeles) just to be bored to death. I like some country music and was very into rap before it got big, I don't hate music for being popular, but this is so mindless and bloated - I don't feel bad these people are on a sinking ship. 
It's sad because pop music can be a great thing but they are trying to symbolically respond to things like Etta James and Whitney Houston dying but it reduces everything to packaged cheese."

Yes. That's it. Totally like packaged cheese! The Grammy's are boring because it is a bunch of people giving awards to themselves for turning music into packaged cheese... The ones who can ruin the music the most and make it into the most bland and tasteless cheese sold to the same people who like stuff like McDonald's food gets the awards.

Great! Watching milk curdle! What excitement.

And what's even worse is that there are people who live such boring and unsatisfying lives that they think they actually care about this stuff...

It's too bad people have such uninteresting lives that they find this sort of Bread & Circuses entertaining or gratifying in the least.

Perfect timing for a ratings boost.... And crocodile tears...

We live in a very sick society that is fascinated by idol worship. Too bad people don't go out and get a life.

I think your average kitchen toaster offers a better evening of entertainment than the Grammy Awards do.

Thanks to Mickey Valentine and James Valentine (I don't think they are any relation!) 


Anonymous said...

The first (and last) Grammy show I watched was in 1988. I recorded it, and remember it for Eric Clapton's speech where he nearly broke down while thanking his son for the song "Tears in Heaven", and for Michael Jackson's absolutely breathtaking performance of "Man in the Mirror", which thanks to the wonders of technology, I (and you) can now see in higher quality than my original crappy VHS recording! He's so into it, at one point one of the singers comes over to make sure he's ok. He seems to wander all over the stage in some kind of trance and has his eyes closed most of the time, then the song finishes and he's right there centre-stage, exactly where he should be. Genius.
Here it is

mike in tokyo rogers said...

My friend, I hate to rain on your parade but I am sure that is not being sung live and is voice synched... There are several reasons... Any professional in this business can recognize then instantly. That is not to say that MJ is not a great performer, he is. But this isn't what it seems.

Anonymous said...

Did you actually watch the show? It was almost non-stop performances, with very few speeches / or even corny jokes. I was quite impressed. Almost no comparison to the oscars.

Andrew Joseph said...

Self-congratulatory awards. Never watched it - ever. Like you, Mike, I enjoy my music. love rock in all it's forms, can take rap, taught classical piano and clarinet and can play any instrument except strings and percussion. My uncle was the conductor of the New Delhi Symphony - and well, I enjoyed watching music videos on The New Music before MTV, Dick Clark, too. Soul Train, Solid Gold - Saturday specials - but I have never felt the need to sit through an awards ceremony and hope that "my" band wins something. Who cares? If you are into the performances - great. My musical style is rarely mentioned, and even when it is, t'aint no thang.
Grammy's? Whatever get's you through the night...

Anonymous said...

I hate anything that has to do with celebrities,politicians, or statists. Ya the grammies drive me crazy. - Aaron

Anonymous said...

As goes America, so goes the Grammys?

Anonymous said...

Spoil sport! Actually, so what? It's still a great performance.

mike in tokyo rogers said...

You are a good dude. You are right. It is a great performance... MJ is a rarity.

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