Thursday, February 28, 2013

Alper Kul's "Only a Bomb to Nagasaki?"

By Mike in Tokyo Rogers

I have found a wonderfully done musical piece that has been edited to video for you by an artist named Alper Kul. Alper Kul is from Turkey and he works with electronic musical instruments such as the piano.

Alper Kul uploaded a fine work that I am proud to introduce to you. It is called "Only a Bomb to Nagasaki?" and is simply beautiful and powerful a the same time.

It brought great emotions and tears to my eyes. Please watch this and enjoy!


It is true that some of the scenes are Hiroshima and not Nagasaki but I think that doesn't detract one bit from the message and the beautiful music. I expect to be hearing more from Alper Kul in the future.

Alper Kul has a Facebook page here:

His Alper Kul Myspace is here.

If you write to him, tell him Mike in Tokyo Rogers sent you.


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vinod said...

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alper kul said...

Dear Mike,

You are really very kind. Please become one of our member at and please write your comments there..

I do know very well that some of the scenes are from Hiroshima ... But we wanted to use as well..

Hope to know you more and to catch you in near future..

Follow us..

And I do send my best wishes to very nice Japanese people.. I love them..

Alper KUL

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