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Disgusting Discrimination at a Wedding! Don't Do This at Your Wedding!

A while back I posted an article that the PC crowd took offense to and that had to do with discrimination. Please refer to: Gaijin Gourmet: Need a Drink & Yakitori in Shibuya? I Got a Fantastic Place! I said that people are free to discriminate any way they please on their own private property - a restaurant, bar, store, etc... are all private property by the way. (If you don't believe me, consult the law - there's a big difference between "public property" like a government office and "private property" like your home and a place of business)... What I mean is that, if my mom and dad own a restaurant, they have the right to refuse service to anyone they please; after all it is their place!

Some people seem to have difficultly grasping this concept of public versus private property. They think that if a restaurant is open to the public, that means it is public property. No. It isn't. It is private property and the owners or management have a right to refuse service to anyone they choose...

The dimwitted ones who want to force the law to open up places where they are not welcomed are the ones who truly need to have their heads examined, why would they want to go into some place where they aren't wanted anyway? That's nuts!

Imagine if there were a militant motorcycle bondage gang club that was "No Females or Heterosexuals Allowed" and the dress code required black leather jackets and pink hot pants. Would I insist that they allow me entry? (I only own polka-dot hot pants) No, I wouldn't. Why would I even want to go in there? It's their private property. I should leave them alone to do as they wish ON THEIR PROPERTY and I'll go to another establishment where I am welcomed, thank you!

In the case in Japan, the restaurant had a sign that said, "No troublesome foreigners allowed." This is quite different than "No foreigners allowed!" I think it is obvious that what these English "challenged" folks (Gotta be PC, ya know!) wanted to write was, "Foreigners who come in here and fight will be kicked out!" (They don't need to write a sign like this in Japanese for the Japanese because for one, Japanese rarely fight in public and two; this is Japan so the staff will not have a problem saying in Japanese laguage to a Japanese person, "If you don't leave, we're calling the police!" The waiter and busboy and girl staff most probably don't have the grasp of English language - or any other language besides their own - to tell non-Japanese speaking people to leave; that's why they work at minimum wage in a restaurant; they are not highly educated! 

Even so, some very confused foreigners took offense to this nonsense and were insulted... 

Instead of being insulted, they should use their brains more and understand that their PC correct "anti-discrimination" (lack of) logic is so completely subjective as to make no sense whatsoever.

You can read more about it here in: I Discriminate: I help the handicapped, I am kind to old people and give my seat to them and to pregnant women. 

Today's short post is from my good friend Aaron Egon Moser. It is about a wedding he went to and how he was shocked at the discrimination shown (Aaron is Jewish) to some others.


Disgusting Discrimination at a Wedding by Aaron Egon Moser

I was invited to a wedding a while back and was appalled at how discriminatory the bride was. If I knew then what I know now, I may not have attended. 

For instance, I had no idea that when she was searching for a mate with whom to procreate, the most basic of all human functions, she eliminated all women from contention. More than half the people in the world had no chance of marrying her. Outrageous. 

Then I heard that of the group that was eligible, she discriminated against homosexual men. 

And then, to my horror, she struck off every, single man who wasn't Jewish. 

And if that was not enough, men under 5'7" were summarily dismissed as well as guys who weren't gainfully employed. 

Males who lived outside of a 25-mile radius of her present home? Gone. 

Smokers? Fuggetaboudit. 

At the end of the day, only one person was left standing out of the billions that also needed a mate. How's that for discrimination, huh?

There ought to be a law against this sort of blatant discrimination

Incredible! I'm sorry that you had to suffer through such an experience, Aaron. Perhaps if you seek some counseling, you'll be able to overcome the trauma of this event.

Thanks for letting us know about this. I'll write to my congressman, er person, and let him/her/them/it know.

God bless. I will pray for you (in a secular fashion, of course).


Andrew Joseph said...

I agree with you Mike. Troublesome foreigners. Like the bride. That's the problem.

Mr. Nobody said...

Hello Mike,

On one hand, I have no problems discriminating regarding behaviour, or dress codes. I personally do have a problem with discriminating against someone's ethnicity or citizenship in nearly all venues.

What happens when one business does it? Presumably, one can go onto the next. What if that one business is the only business in a town? What if in a large town, all the businesses are the same way? What can one do, just move farther away? What if a whole prefecture/county is like that? What if a whole nation is like that? What then?

I don't think the Japanese government, or Japanese businesses would discriminate against certain people very often if, like many Western nations, there were minorities that made up 10%+ of the population. How right, or wrong is that? We can debate it, but I think in most Western nations, anti-discrimination laws obviously tend to keep the peace.

To maintain tranquillity, it appears most Western governments with anti-discrimination laws, regard businesses as part private, and part public entities. It is one thing among many, effectively one only does business at the state's pleasure, subject to their guidelines, rules, laws, and licences. The state to a rather large degree, determines who gets hired, fired, accepted, or excluded from a business.

Is Japan right? Is the West?

Regarding romance, someone once said that men are on the surface, cynics, but at heart romantics, and that women are on the surface romantics, but at heart cynics. The might be some wisdom there.

I don't think men are very picky when it comes to women. All a woman has to be is feminine, and she in 99% of the way there. A man can be masculine, but for a woman, that's just the beginning...

Should men develop more discriminating tastes when it comes to women? Should women develop less discriminating tastes when it comes to men?

As an aside, what does it say about most modern societies, when so many men and women remain single?

All the best!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't give my business to a store singling out foreigners or even just troublesome foreigners. I have every right to do that. I also have a right to be offended. Sorry u can't control my mind.

mikeintokyorogers said...

No one wants to control your mind. That's the point. It's their property, they can do as they wish. Don't go there. If you don't feel welcomed, then don't go. On the other hand, do not try to force your selective morality on others either by trying to force them to open their doors to you by using government coercion. IT'S THEIR PROPERTY. NOT YOURS.

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