Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fight Back Against Facebook Prying: You Know Everyone!

The title? Yeah, I know. It's obvious that's what Facebook does. But Facebook has recently started doing something that really is troublesome.

I have been blocked from requesting friends for a while on Facebook. Facebook claims I was sending out unsolicited Facebook requests. Yes I did and no I didn't.

Let me explain. I write under a different name as some people know. It's slightly different from my real name but my real name is so common that people wouldn't know me if I didn't add my moniker especially in a place like Facebook.

Always click "Yes" - It's none of Facebook's business

So why have I been blocked? As I said, Facebook claims I've been sending out unsolicited friend requests. But I have only sent out requests to folks who operate in my circles and are heavy readers and followers of the publication that I have been a regular columnist now for nearly ten years. It's also a place where Ron Paul has been writing regularly for too. I also, in Japan, sometimes send out (but mostly receive) friend requests from many Japanese folks who are regular listeners to my radio show. I simply cannot say "No!" to them! (Why would anyone on radio alienate listeners?)

So, I have sent out requests. Not a lot. But have done it. 

I get many more friend requests than I send out by a ten-fold, but now I realize why people can get blocked. It's because, recently, when you accept a new friend on Facebook, it has has been asking, "Do you know this person outside of Facebook?" Of course, I always answer, "Yes!"


I think it is just another reason why Facebook sucks.

I hear that young people aren't using Facebook and I think that's fine. I won't miss Facebook when it goes the way of Myspace. Why should you or I miss Facebook if that happens? ... Do you miss Myspace?


For more on a related story, read: Facebook could soon track your every movement

Facebook, the biggest social network on the planet with more than a billion users, seems to want to know even more about you. More precisely Facebook seems to want to track you at all times. At least that’s the gist of a report from Bloomberg that came out on Monday and says that Facebook is working on a smartphone application that would track users’ location even when the app isn’t opened. According to this report the app itself would be used to track a user and alert him whenever friends are nearby but the actual use of the app is so that Facebook can serve you localized ads.

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Anonymous said...

Collect billions of dollars and leave the kids alone;you don't need a computer to talk to people you know,to me a purpose of social media is to meet the people you wouldn't meet otherwise,that let you expand,hear other views,communicate in a wider community,to network,we get it,why don't they?,Ty

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