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People Are Poisoning Themselves and Their Own Children at Breakfast. Are You One of Them?

"The wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings. Let food be your medicine." - Hippocrates

“He who takes medicine and neglects to diet wastes the skill of his doctors.”  ~Chinese Proverb  

"Health begins with what you eat." - Chinese Proverb 

Watch this video sent to me from my dear friend Linda Schrock Taylor. It's in Spanish, but you don't need to be able to speak Spanish to understand what this is all about. It is about Sugar in our diets and nasties that too much sugar causes, like diabetes.

I wake up everyday and I make breakfast for my wife and son. It is 90% raw vegetables and fruits. There is nothing processed in it at all. I also, when I awake, do work and check my e-mail and waste time on Facebook. I am appalled at how many people will post photos of their breakfast that consists of things like a stack of pancakes with syrup and whipped cream on top... Or they have photos of a breakfast of deep fried potatoes, waffles or french toast smothered in syrup along with processed orange juice. Don't forget the cup or three of coffee with two cubes of sugar in each, please.

Sorry, folks, but it kind of makes me sick to even think about eating like that. But don't think that I didn't eat that way too. I did. But now I know better. 

I have been reading recently that over 1 in 6 America kids are on some sort of drug regimen to control behavior in schools. In some states, I read that the schools are now allowed to give these sorts of mood controlling chemicals to unruly students. Madness! 

I firmly believe that American children suffer all sorts of ailments because of diet. Think about it, of course your kid is sick when he eats processed foods all the time. Of course he can't concentrate at school; his brain is fried with chemicals. Of course two Pop Tarts and a bowl of Captain Crunch are NOT a healthy and balanced diet no matter what the label on the box says (Extra Iron added!). There is no child who can function normally when eating junk all the time. 

Folks, eating junk food constantly is bad. The food doesn't go through you, it becomes you. You eat junk, you become junk. 

Folks, a breakfast of Sugary cereals, a sugar laden piece of toast or a Starbucks cinnamon roll is not a healthy breakfast, it is poison.

Everything is raw. Heavy raw veggie and fruits intake at every meal. Here, raw carrots, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumber, asparagus, lettuce (not pictured) cashews, oranges, grapes (peeled), blueberries, fresh grapefruit, bottled mineral water. My son eats like this three times a day. He will also have a little bit of rice once a day and some meat or fish. Never will he eat processed foods or fast food. (Read this! What timing!

Health is important. Beef is a luxury. If you're going to eat beef, then eat the best quality grass fed beef. For Chicken? Buy chickens from real farms.

The best quality grass fed beef comes from New Zealand. USA beef is full of drugs and chemicals (and bovine growth hormones) and even banned in many nations! I've bought Australian beef that was reprocessed. So we don't buy that anymore.

(US Beef Industry Consumes 4/5 of All Antibiotics Produced in the USA read here.)

The economy and life are tough enough on our children without us giving them a lifetime of bad eating habits that will only pull them down mentally and physically. Let us stop this and start to make the small effort everyday to give our children eating habits that will help them to live healthy and prosperous lives!

I used to coach children's sports. I coached a kid's team that had 75% of the kids from homes without a father. The mothers did their best, but they had to work. The kids were usually on their own. I felt sorry for them so I tried to be their friend and their dad every Saturday at practice and at game time.

Since I did this, I got to know these kids pretty well. I could see how the kids mood and energy levels were different every time at practice. It was curious. One day a kid would be fine and seem like his head was clear; he'd be "with" us. The next time, he'd be bouncing off the walls and throwing the ball away constantly! It was strange! I'd ask them what they ate for breakfast... 

They'd tell me what they ate and it was then that I realized that there is a problem. Whenever the kids ate breakfast cereals, they couldn't concentrate. If they ate somewhat healthy, they were okay. I wondered what they'd be like if they really did eat a healthy breakfast? Heck, they'd probably all be supermen!

If a kid cannot concentrate at basketball when he is running around having fun with friends because he didn't eat right, how in the heck can anyone expect that he could do well in school sitting in a boring classroom where he has to be silent and pay attention? Especially is he had a sugar high from eating a high fructose corn syrup laced breakfast?

Things are tough enough for kids (and life is long and difficult) that they need all the breaks and advantages they can get! They need to begin to have a life whereby raw vegetables and fruits are at least 90% of their eating habits!

Don't believe me? Well here's a free first chapter written by some dietitians with doctorates on the benefits of raw food; The Live Food Factor.

I know mom and dad are busy, but preparing raw foods three meals a day is cheaper and, actually, faster (cut a lot at once and use Tupperware)... Also you'll save money in the long run on medical bills.

This just in from Yahoo! News: Yet another study confirms what people have been saying for ages: Stop drinking diet soda. Like, right now. Drinking just one 12-ounce can of an artificially sweetened fizzy drink per week can increase your risk of Type 2 diabetes by 33 percent, French researchers found, and given that most people don't stop at a single weekly serving, your real risk for diabetes could actually be much higher.

Folks, your child's health (and yours) begins with what you eat (and drink).

Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.- Hippocrates

The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. - Thomas A Edison

* NOTE: We also don't have a TV so my child can focus on important things like reading and music and sports.... TV is brain damage and a huge waste of time - and that has zero to do with content. TV is a displacement of time. Time is the only non-renewable resource!

Thanks to my dear friend and the most excellent teacher, Ms. Linda Schrock Taylor

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