Friday, February 1, 2013

Japan: Senkaku Islands, China War? North Korea Nuclear Tests, Korean War? Yen Manipulations, Currency War? What Next? Killer Bugs!

Yeah, you read that headline correctly.

We have a ton of trouble with China and the Senkaku Islands and it seems things are beginning to simmer and get hotter by the day...

North Korea? Sure Nuclear tests and now Martial Law set in place to prepare for war!

Japanese yen and currency manipulation to set off another type of war, a currency war... And those currency wars have always ended badly, and sparked shooting wars throughout history; the worst possible outcome for everyone involved.

What next for Japan? How could things get worse? What could possibly bring all this sh*t even closer to home in Japan than... are you ready for it? Deadly bugs? Mites to be exact.  

What?! The reporter says that these mites came from China in 2009 and now they are here in Japan and they have confirmed that the first death from these mits has occurred. These mites transmit a deadly virus! 

Now we are at war with Chinese Arachnids? Is this for real???

News on Japan has the story: New mite-linked viral infection claimed first fatality in Japan

Japan recorded its first death from a new viral infection last autumn, the health ministry said Wednesday. The adult victim, a resident of Yamaguchi Prefecture, had no recent record of overseas travel or any apparent trace of a mite bite, even though the new viral infection, called severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome, is usually transmitted by such a bite.

Oh the horror! Can it get any worse? 

Yes it can! Mites from China? Sure. There's lots of folks who go back and froth from the USA too!.... Bringing us....

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Anonymous said...

Reading on this, not sure if this is the same thing or not:


Are the TV talking-heads acting certain it is not medication-induced?

Also, is this why LvM called it a crack-up-boom?


- IndividualAudienceMember

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