Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Japan and China Reported on the Brink of War!

Investment Watchdog Blog reports this alarming situation developing this morning. In the last few days, Chinese warships and aircraft have upped the tit-for-tat dangerous gamesmanship to "locking on" radar to Japanese ships and aircraft.

What is "locking on" radar?  

Lock-on is when the guidance system for a missile can accurately track a target, and a fire-control system can calculate the required flightpath for the missile to hit the target. Missile lock-on is typically indicated to the pilot or missile operator via an audible tone, a head-up display or a helmet-mounted display. The subject of a lock-on may become aware of the fact that it is being actively targeted by virtue of the electro-magnetic emissions of the tracking system, notably the illuminator. This condition will present a heightened threat to the target, as it indicates that a missile may be about to be fired at it.

Think about that. If you were in a vessel and your ship (aircraft) were locked on, what would your reaction be? Probably to lock onto them, right?

One mistake and you have antagonists firing missiles at each other. We know what would happen then.

Chinese warships have pointed missile radars at Japanese military targets and taken the two regional powers to the brink of “a dangerous situation”, say Japanese officials.  The news overnight marks a dangerous escalation of a four-month diplomatic and military stand-off between Australia’s two largest trading partners, involving disputed islets in the East China Sea.  

Japan’s defence minister, Itsunori Onodera, told reporters last night that a Chinese frigate pointed a missile control radar at the Japanese destroyer Yuudachi on January 30.

BBC reports: Japan protest over China ship’s radar action  

Chinese-Japanese Tension Reached Critical Last Week  “A Chinese military vessel last week locked its weapons-targeting radar on a Japanese warship, Japan’s Ministry of Defense said Tuesday, marking a brief but dangerous escalation in the showdown for maritime territory between Asia’s two largest economies.  The Chinese ship ultimately unlocked its radar without firing a shot, but the incident underscores how the neighbors — wrangling over uninhabited islands in the East China Sea — are just one mistake away from potential armed conflict.” 

According to this AP report there were two separate incidents of this, about two weeks apart, on 1/19 and 1/30.

In speculating what's going on here, Japan said that it withheld this information until it could verify the facts. It now has. This explains why the Japanese Nikkei plummeted almost 2% yesterday which was a real head scratcher for most of us (excepting, obviously, those with inside information). This is a very bad sign because it suggests that the recent bump in the stock market may have reached its peak. So this is a great time to release this sort of news. (a) Japanese media will be focused on that rather than the market’s response to Abe’s new policies, and (b) countries always rally around foreign aggression.

If you don't own gold or silver, you should think about it immediately... Please refer to He Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best! Dow at 14,000 and People Laugh About the Gold Price? Ha! Where I demonstrate how the Dow Jones Industrial average has lost about 58% versus gold and silver since 2007 even with the Dow hitting record highs.

It's all basic mathematics folks, and math doesn't lie. 


If you want more background on what's going on behind the scenes and how this all isn't what it seems on the surface and has MUCH to do with the global economy, watch this. Here's a politicians who speaks the truth.

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