Amazing Japanese Guy Juggles Glass Balls..

You need a break... Take one now. Enjoy this 5 minute video of a great glass ball juggler in Yoyogi Park.

From the Youtube page:

...The juggler's name is Okotanpe - and yes he's amazing - one of my favorite memories of Japan! Second, the song that he uses in his final act is called ソレイユ (soreiyu, spelled using katakana, meaning sun, is the Japanese pronunciation of the French word "soleil", also meaning sun). It is sung by Yoshie Nakano 中納良恵. Here's a link to the video:

The beginning of the song is either from an earlier track on the album or is a specially mixed version of ソレイユ and it comes from an old Japanese folk song:

I don't know exactly what size ball Okotanpe uses in this video (other users have suggested that it is 95mm - 100mm), but you're welcome to ask him. Here's his youtube page:

Also, here's his official webpage:

Thanks to Woosk.


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Brian G. Heyer said…
Mesmerizing. Thanks for sharing.

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